Well that fucking sucks

We got called into an unexpected all hands meeting this morning. Any time one of those appears with no warning is bad news and indeed that was the case.

They're laying off the whole unit and cancelling all the projects focusing only on things that are currently making a profit. So I'm out of a job ... or at least I will be come May they're paying us till the end of april and expect us to keep working till April 3rd (which seems ridiculous all our stuff is new projects in the design phase what would we do for the next month especially the bit I was working on which was a suimulation of the hardware which we now will never need)

So that sucks and given everyone else in the same industry is firing as well as the big boys like ms facebook google and so on it's not looking good right now.

So at the moment it looks bleak. It'll probably pick up I have seen a lot of people hiring just not in the same areas but maybe a change will do me good.

I was intending to go off to pax east later in march but now I'm unsure A: can I actually take time off given the new situation B: should I spend a bunch of money to go given the situation. Gonna clarify the first part and then maybe think on the second as and if that checks out.

It's kind of overwhelming right this moment but I'm sure it will be ok once I've gotten past the shock of it and got going with what happens next. Still I guess I'll be polishing up my CV and I guess I'll need to get a suit or something :S

Some ex colleges from Toshiba took me out to lunch at some dinner place so I had some comradery amongst 50's decor and I'm full of American breakfast and mocha milkshake which did make me feel a lot better. Well that said I'm going to go "work" on the new destiny expansion that came out today


Oh shit mate, I'm so sorry that's been dumped on you. That does fucking suck. Been made redundant a few times, so I know what the shock feels like. Buckets of uncertainty, numb disbelief, bit of betrayal and often worse if all the peeps you usually rely on for camaraderie are eating the same shit sandwich.

Sounds like you're doing all the right stuff - taking it easy and getting some headspace in. Also I agree that a change might be a good thing too. IIRC you're all green carded now, so you're not at risk of being thrown out of the country.

I'll like to offer a vote for small and medium enterprises - they might enjoy your volumes of experience. I appreciate that your kind of work is normally up the enterprise end but it might be digging around. If anywhere has cool little startups that need firmware, it's Silicon Valley.

Fingers crossed for you mate, keep us posted on any developments.

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