2023 Hopes!

So much of my life is outside of my control. Naturally family comes first and they need me to drop everything on a regular basis. So I got a bunch of stuff that I hope to do. I wouldn't go as far as saying goals. They're listed in order of importance. Stuff near the top more likely than stuff at the bottom.


I'm over 80 now and I want to loose a bit to get into a more healthy weight. I can be disciplined about what I eat, so with the one below, this should be ok.

Run 5k

I enjoyed the couch to 5k app that the BBC put together but stopped due to illness. I'm going to pick that up again. I hope to do some other types of exercise but this one seems achievable and a challenge.

I'm tempted to get a smart watch with fitness shit on it to help gather data.

Cycle-Camping break with Felix

Something he's always wanted to do. My bike won't fit paniers so there's some working out to do.

Reduce Outgoings

Just go through the monthly outgoings and do a phone round or compare the market stuff.

Sort out the Study

It's now my permanent office and it needs to feel like my room. It doesn't right now, so I need to fix that. I have ideas, that's for another post.


There are lots of little bits that are annoying that need doing. Shower mixer is clogged again, kitchen sink tap needs replacing, the extractor fan needs replacing.


I want to get Clomper into a feature complete stage so I can then start polishing.

Definitely doing

  • Steam integration
  • Hats
  • Game rules
  • Accessibility (inc using new Unity input system)

Up for discussion

  • Inventory
  • Weather


  • Steam page and 200 wishlists
  • YouTube from 1930 -> 3000 subs, 12 devlogs
  • Discord 200+ users
  • Twitter 200 followers (although don't care too much as I don't think this is the best place to find players)


  • Go digital - this is what I'll be saving for
  • Get the Hornet 120mm flying again
  • Convert big stuff onto ELRS
  • Build a 6s quad (if money permits)
  • Be able to power loop an air gate

Digital Painting

Do 2 pieces a month.

Thassit! Let's see how much I get done. If any of it.


I'll be interested to see how you get on with bike-packing. It's very on-trend in cycling right now (insofar as anything could be considered trendy), hopefully that will give you plenty of options to load up your bike!

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Thanks mate! I *think* I'm going to get a trailer and have a look at paniers for mine. Felix's will do paniers but I think the extra weight might make him quite unstable as the bike is large and he's still "small" - although growing at an alarming rate.

We're not going to be going far (Hurley? Wellington Park?) at first and I'm quite used to dragging 30kg of deadweight behind me in the shape of Naomi on the tagalong. I'll need to get some camping cooking stuff; which I'm actually looking forward to because I always enjoyed that side of camping and modern kit is really cool - unlike flipping hexi-block stove bullshit we had at cadets.

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https://www.readinghalfmarathon.com/pages/green-park-challenge - 3Km challenge - Sunday 2nd April 2023
Would give you a target to run for - although don't know if having a kid running is a requirement

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