Deep Rock Galactic New Season Plague Fall

Had a quick go on this earlier and have some initial thoughts

They unlocked the new grenades from the get go no missions to get them just pay the cost and materials and they're unlocked

Mincer grenade quite fun

The new plague disposal mechanic is interesting but annoying single player

you have to spray the plague spores with foam then hoover them up. These take two different tools which are called down from space and then equipped but are not permenant weapons you can drop them. With a team where you can have someone spray stuff and someone hoover it would work fine but solo it gets awkward.

They allow bosco to do the hoovering which is good so you just equip the foam gun but to signal bosco to hoover up you have to do the normal aim and command which means you drop the foam gun so you are constantly picking it up and chucking it down and also when ever enemies appear you aslo have to chuck it to use guns.

Plus the plague infected ground slowly builds up a sort of poison thign and when you have to keep going to get the foam gun after you've thrown it into the stuff for the fifth time it gets annoyign

Still some fun new stuff there just a few niggles I wish they'd done a different way


I started a mish one evening just to have a quick romp before bed. Twas the Rivals one. Right after linking up the first of the things that need hacking, an asteroid came in. The cave was tiny and it landed right next to the hack bot. It was at that moment I felt I was not emotionally well enough equipped to deal with it and quit out! 😂

Watched a couple of vids since and while it looks OK for single player, it's going to be much more fun SNG.

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