Played a bit of this just to try it out.

Their interface is still as shit as it was the first time through. Incredibly difficult to work out what is what and how things work the various module controls for stuff on the drillship are not really explained and because of the design half the time they are positioned behind other stuff.

It's not very clear what you are supposed to be doing it has some sort of tutorial and quest system but it does tend to just abandon you and not explain what it is you are supposed to learn. It has you upgrade stuff but it never really explains how that works what the sort of tradeoffs are. There are production stations and workbenches which seem to be the same thing not sure why there is both. Inventory management is weird.

Not sure what the gameplay loop is seems to just be beat up robots harvest their stuff run out of inventory repeat.

Maybe it'll make more sense when there is actual coop but so far not really sure about this one.


I played a bunch last night - I spent equal time having fun and writing notes about style/design for Clomper. Volcanoids is all very copper and brass metal, whereas I want to go more Victoriana - wallpaper, wood, some brass, leather and so on. And rugs. I'm eventually going to have rugs.

Good bits
I like the concept of "Volcano is coming, better fucking run!". It gives an interesting dimension to "ooh, what's that over there? Can I get there and back in time?".

It's not a bad shooter - although I find myself sniping with the pistol from a distance - two good shots in the glowing eye is enough.

I like that they get back up if you're not careful to take them down properly.

I like that you can kill their spawner, although you might have to do it in bits as they can spawn quickly.

Although a little weird, I like how it goes from ash to green, as if they grey melts away.

I'm desperate to make my driller longer, not sure how just yet.

I live moving the driller but I wish I could drive it properly rather than clicking on the map. It feels like a cop-out. The moving base is wonderful but the act of moving it is not satisfying at all.

Bad bits
The machines aren't labelled, so I am not sure what anything does (problem also for Clomper). The tooltips aren't obvious either. I found the "handle to make it go down" by accident with seconds to spare before an eruption. If you're in a tutorial and there is a "death" thing then there needs to be more than a little bit of text saying "hit the handle on the boiler". There are loads of handles FFS, either give me time or make it glow.

The mix of diegetic and classical UI is confusing. Should I be looking at the front of the machine or should I be looking at the pop up? I'd rather they stuck to one or the other. The popup window also strikes me as cluttered and claustrophibic.

Some of the default keybinds are mental. I keep pressing E and it moves all the items in the inventory across. That's bananas.

I'm somewhat bewildered by the upgrading mechanism.

Some of the graphics are janky - which is at odds with other bits that are great.

For SNG?
I think it might be fun for a few sessions because of the draw of making a bigger driller. Fighting with friends will be fun too as you'll be raiding something together, nicking stuff and GTFO. Perhaps not something we'd play for months on end but for a few evenings, I can see it.

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