Install Applications! (Delete everything off first)

Poor Language Warning: Ok, Apple, you are a bunch of ridiculous bastards and it will take a lot more evidence for me to buy anything from you again. You're hopeless stupid and arbtrary and I hate the ground you walk on.

I updated my iPod Touch 15GB to 1.1.3, Downloaded iTunes 7.6 and bought the January Applications Pack for £13. They looked like fun, so I thought "why not?". Once bought, I then find out that:


You have to turn off this option to be able to Sync the iPod Touch. If you turn it off, it all Syncs beautifully. However, the collection of music is GONE. GONE.


Whatever you put on there, is gone. Not there. If you manage it manually (say, you have more than 15GB of music and video like I do) then you have to DELETE IT ALL OFF BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE APPS.


If I said to a customer:

"Sorry, you'll have to delete all you client records before we update our software..."

They'd tell me where to get off in short order. Where do they tell you this, as you buy it? No. They don't tell you this at all. I had to hunt for it.

Fucking wankers. Apple, if this is the way you're going to treat your customers, then you get fuck yourselves. Now I have to spend time reloading my iPod, creating my playlists and get everything back to normal.

Should I bill you for the time, you ridiculous fuckers? Perhaps I fucking should.


Pour salt, you iShits, I can't find anywhere to write and complain to on your fucking website.

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I feel I should be replying to this, however its hard to load enough smugness into a medium based entirely on words.

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That is astoundingly bad implementation. At the very least they should warn you.

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I can feel your anger. It gives you focus...makes you stronger. The hate is swelling in you now. Give in to your anger! With each passing moment you make yourself more our servant.

Join Us, Turn to the dark side and together we rid this galaxy of the apple scum forever!

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Trying not to turn this into an unobjective rant with Apple, and their products, this is one of the reasons I simply don't like them. They make sweeping assumptions about what their userbase want, and then remove all the choices.

In general they are fairly good at this, and so most of the time the product does what you want, however when they get it wrong its the most irritating, stupid thing in the world (as aptly demonstrated above), and as they've removed the options there is nothing you can do about it. Another good example of this is automatic gearboxes...normally they do what you want, but occasionally they really fuck you off. The added sting with Apple when this happens is that you've paid extra for the priviledge...its like paying for a high class hooker, only to find out she has crabs.

I'm not saying the alternatives are perfect, but at least there you have the option of getting under the hood and fixing it. They make no pretences to perfection...

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Fucking rant away, mate. Let rip. I don't mind, this thread was started in that vein. The vacuous shiteaters. Turn it unobjective. Fuck 'em.

The device is cool, don't get me wrong but I hate being wrong footed by swallowers of the single-barrelled-pump action-throat-yoghurt-rifle.

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Sorry about the rant yesterday. I was more than a bit miffed.

No, hang on. They made me delete my music off! FUCKING BASTARDS!

A bunch of C-NUTS, the lot of them.

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