The CockGoblin Awards

I'd like to dedicate this post to all the fucktards out there. A proper idiot, one with a true lack of class that puts them head and shoulder below the rest of humanity, has a completely misplaced pride in their in-eptitude and stupidity. They go beyond mere ignorance, and off into the realms of vanity in stupidity. The internet was invented for such people.

These people achieve the illogical, and then loving document their stupidity to the rest of the world. They are a constant reminder that no matter how bad you are, they are 6 steps behind you, and probably tripping over...

To the cockgoblins of the world, we salute you...


Cockgoblin #1
Installing ICE so powerful as to destroy the vehicle. Proudly video destruction and post it on YouTube.

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Cockgoblin #2
Jump down an escalator. Ask your mates to video it for you.

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I was hoping that the car might actually explode.

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Mythbusters did a thing to try and make the loudest possible speaker so the windows on a car would explode.

They made a metal speaker cone rigged to the car's drive shaft that was about a meter or so across.

It achieved a massive sound pressure level in single figure hertz and blew out the sunroof before it got to the point of shattering the windows. Then it wrecked the drive shaft.

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