2021 Bingo Card

OK, so 2020 was properly fucked up. Let's have a quick game of "what's going to happen in 2021"?

Heres some for starters.

  • I reckon that the USA will have it's first ever female president, after Biden is assassinated by a complete MAGA lunatic.
  • New Nintendo Switch will be released
  • The UK's last lockdown will end in August, though vaccinations will not be complete by the end of the year
  • Birmingham will become a desolate wasteland, devoid of intelligent life

Reckon one of those is a sitter...


The only one of those that's a little left field is the top one. The last one might already have happened.

This is a great game! Here's some other predictions (some might be wishful thinking).

  • Spring - economy takes a dive as 90 day extensions to credit have all finally dried up. Lots of retail finally goes under. Real estate under pressure from poor end of year results / profit warnings.
  • Summer - destabilisation in OPEC as $ per barrel continues to sink (it won't bounce back after lockdowns are eased as economies have changed and alternative power less)
  • Conservative Governments performs epic fuck up. Johnson doesn't resign. People vote from them anyway.
  • Fusion demonstrated at scale and high yeild (hopeful)
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