PS5 Event

Interesting seeing more details on this machine the fact they are making two different versions one with a disc drive one without is interesting I wonder what the price difference will be between these different sku's.

Games wise a lot of stuff and some that will be available on PC also some really weird stuff like Bug snacks (although from the octodad people so maybe thats to be expected)

Some ps5 exclusives or probable exclusives follow ups to the excellent Horizon Zero Dawn and Spiderman

Hitman 3 which is a series I love and knew a third entry was coming but to know it will be out january is pretty good

A new ratchet and clank game looked really good fun

A new Resident Evil game

Some old stuff redone like Demon Souls and GTA5

Bunch of other stuff that looked good so shaping up to be some good stuff on the new machine when it comes out

One thing missing actual release date (still just the vague holiday 2020 so dec nov I guess) and the price


I think Sony benefitted from doing their launch event after Microsoft...there was a huge amount of negative feedback from that as virtually no gameplay footage was show, it was all pre-rendered cinematics. There were still a lot of cinematics, but they forward-loaded it with some in-game footage. Digital Foundry have once again done a good breakdown of some of the technologies on display.

Tech points of note - the Racket and Clank gameplay demo was really flexing on the ultra-fast SSD, with near-instantaneous level loading as you triggered various warp-zones. The actual stream was very low quality (1080p/30fps), however most of the games were running at native 4K, with a variance of framerates (once the source footage was examined). There were no games that would move me towards a purchase at the moment. I was sorta surprised that part 2 of the FFVII remake was not showcased, as that is the sort of game that would generate console purchases (though the Horizon 2 game is a system-seller, and the Resi-Evil one will be as well). Ray-tracing was in there, though it looks like a mix of SSR and "proper" ray tracing for reflections. All in all, given the improvements that can be made across console lifespans, it all looked pretty sweet.

I think the game for me that looked best was Kena, which basically looked like a playable Pixar film. I really liked that some indie games were shown off...I think one of the big benefits of digital consoles is the ability for smaller titles to be made available, and some of my favourite games in the last 5 years have been where, rather than hardcore 3D graphics there has been a strong focus on gameplay loops and mechanics. Stuff like Dead Cells and Slay the Spire simply couldn't have existed before digital downloads, and wouldn't have had the same audience. Obviously small studios will have the ability to fully utilise the new hardware, so it's important to show that these games have a place in the next-gen of hardware.

I was part surprised/part un-surprised to not see PSVR on show. It's still a really niche market, and I think most developers are looking elsewhere for their resource allocation initially...however Sony obviously think there is some future there...I'd expect a VR solution to be announced before release, though perhaps they are waiting for a decent game to come out. Maybe they'll be waiting a while! There were a couple of USB-C ports on the console (front and back) would be interesting to see if either of them were Thunderbolt 3, and thus capable of running VR from a single cable. There are some rumours they have been looking at a wireless solution, but my gut feel is that it would be too expensive for living-room tech, and that sort of thing would be more suited to early-adopters and evangelists, who are more willing to pay a premium.

One thing that has come out post-reveal is the size on the's huge (for consoles). Based on USB-port measurements and disc drives I've seen some comparison photos, and it's possible it won't fit in some media cabinets (where consoles typically live). As Matt said, no price, however popular opinion is currently at the £600 mark, with the digital version having a reasonable cut to "encourage" digital purchases, where Sony make significantly more profit.

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