Epic store still a broke mess road map now a complete ficition

So Epic is bad everyone knows it

They promised a bunch of features like preloading and cloud saves basic stuff all modern game stores support. If you look at their roadmap these are marked as implemented but it came out recently that the upcoming borderlands 3 supports neither preload or cloud saves. They've also pushed back a bunch of features to later this year that were promised in the first 6 months.

Now epic are using the "But steam has had 15 years to get this right!" which is a complete bullshit excuse if you are launching a store in 2019 you need preload you need cloud saves you need user reviews and a bare minimum a bloody shopping cart!

Oh and even if you use that excuse you could preload halflife 2 on steam when it launched so it's not even as good as a 15 year old version of steam.

Epic seem content to just throw their bags of fortnite cash about buying up exclusives while jabbering about how noble and great they are for saving the poor indie devs that steam hates and tortures when no one is looking. They have no intention of fixing the cobbled together mess of a launcher they claim is a real competitor to steam.

It's not helped by Tim Sweeny being a smug arsehole on twitter

It's a continual trainwreak of a thing that shows no sign of getting better just continual fuckups and bad PR


> BUT Internet Explorer has had 13 years to get this right!
- Chrome if built by Epic, 2008.

If you enter a marketplace where there are existing best-of-class players, you're going to be compared with them because you're competing with them. Only their anti-competitive exclusive bullshit is keeping the store alive.

Come to the market new and do it better - without 15 years of baggage.

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Oh man the Darq situation is really showing how hypocritical Epic and Tim Sweeny are

they make this big pantomime about how they are saving indie devs from the evils of steam but as soon as one of these indie devs turns down the tencent money they will no longer carry the game on their "indie friendly" store but triple a games those can be on epic without being exclusives


It's not a surprise that epic were basically talking complete bullshit but to see it so blatantly laid out is surprising

And the excuse that "Epic doesn't have the bandwidth" for these indie games to sim ship on steam gog and epic is kind of ridiculous for one thing since they offered the exclusivity they clearly could have had the game on the store. Plus with the huge bags of money they've been throwing around put some of into more servers for a change Tim you fuck.

The dev choosing to honor his word is pretty commendable since so many have fallen to the darkside and taken Epic's cursed coin. I don't really know much about the game but I'll probably look it up on steam as if it looks good I'd be happy to support a developer with some spine.

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Epic doesn't have the bandwidth

Is hilariously bullshit. Web bandwidth is not expensive, nor is storage.

Bravo to Unfold games. I checked out DARQ; it's not my cup of tea but he's doing the right thing.

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Indeed after the multitude of these projects going the other way Phoenix point, Shenmue 3, Ooblets all promising steam releases and using it heavily in their marketing and kickstarter docs then turning around and saying "FUCK YOU BACKERS WE'RE SELLING OUT!". Although I'm not sure if Ooblits was a kickstarter they just did a super patronising "there are far more important things to worry about like world hunger you stupid idiots now buy our fucking game pay pigs!"

It's nice to see someone sticking to what they agreed and I think it will garner more respect in the long term.

It looks like an interesting game sort of horror/noir puzzler with these weird mutable environments that require some puzzle logic to traverse I might pick it up. Very atmospheric visuals.

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