Learning Blender Part 3

I snuck away for an hour after a spot of work and learnt how to do curves with point manipulation and grease pencil. I give you: SQUIGGLES!

Definitely good fun. I'm enjoying the course, it gives me a little bit of structure to work with.

Next step is working with 2D, I don't think that's more grease pencil but using 2D reference art; which will be handy because that tends to be how I work.


Bit more modeling training this morning (amongst doing the housework). I'm at the end of modeling theory and now fully understand how to use tris and quads while avoiding weird rendering effects that you get with poles. That's a new concept for me: it's where quads and tris meet to give either 3 or 5 edges connected to a single vertex. If possible the 3 and 5 poles should be a long way from each other as when you subdivide, the 3 point pole will be a high density of sub-d polys and a 5 edge pole will be a low density. The training course explained really nicely how to collapse these points of density or move them apart with more topology.

I wish I had known this when building models in Lightwave, because there were times I could just not get a smooth (cock-shaped) surface for a spacecraft, so I'd end up with these weird artefacts. Here's a nice bolt-head-thing I made using what I had learnt.

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Snuck in a bit more time before picking up F from cub camp, I'm finally on Sub D modeling! YAY!

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Nothing particularly exciting here, I made a gun for a Roblox game that Felix and I are working on. Nice to practice the standard modeling techniques and getting used to the editor. Low poly by design.

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