"Finished" Astroneer

Mangaged to unlock all the gateways on the surface of every planet and then the ones at their cores then unlock the platform thing and then I got "the ending"

Not unlocked the gold suit yet as I have 5 or so achievements one of which requires a multiplayer game to do not sure if I can be bothered with that or not


Congrats! Looking forward to unlocking them all myself. I can help with the multiplayer achievement (sharing a rocket is it?).

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I've gotten all the single player ones now and the remaining ones are fly in the same rocket as another player and mine to the center of a planet in multiplayer I think that's it

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I've just had an utterly demoralising hour trying to get out of the core of versania. No matter how much I drive "up", I just seem to come out at a cave at the same level. Looks like I'm going to have to die and make another diamond drill etc. Fucking irritating.

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Getting out is tricky I built a lot of ramps to get between layers. Sometimes I couldn't be arsed so built a bunch of packagers and then packed up my vehicle carrying it back to the surface via the gates piecemeal. Having a base at one of the gates helps with that. On the larger rovers that leaves the body of the thing as even packed you can't carry the thing through the gate but it meant I didn't lose everything.

The game desperately needs some sort of navigation system so you can tell where you are how deep you are and where you need to go to get to where you want to be.

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For what seemed like forever carefully digging up, falling back down into caves and trying again; the colour suddenly went pink and then this happened!

God, that felt good. I was in better territory now: find a portal, work out planetary rotation, make a marker E/W and then set of west. Eventually, I'd see a red exploration marker...

Lump in my throat moment.

I've still playing this straight: go to centre, find out what is there, leave, get resources, fix it, etc. I could google for the needed resources but I don't want to do it that way! I know what Vesania needs now, it's back home for some resource creating.

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I lacked the patience for going to the center working out what it needed then repeating the trip and just looked up what each one needed it had already become a bit of a slog by that point tooling round each and every planet with a rover full of rtg's trying to find all the bloody gates and not get lost then diving to the center to unlock that. It was fine and fun the first planet but quickly got a bit tedious.

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Last night I got to the credits. Only got two achievements to hunt (plants and fireworks), both quite easy.

I did nearly do a stupid thing. My plan was to dig down to each core again and grab another tetra thingy. I made 7 tractors for 7 trailers (there are 7 planets) and started on Sylva. When I reached the core, I realised that I had no sodding Quartz, I used the gate to pop up to the surface and as I stood in my base, realised that I could use the gates to go down too. I didn't need all those sacrificial tractors and trailers. Doh. I had most of the materials I needed (except diamond) and then zipped between the planets to pop down to each core, collect a thingy and head out to the end thing.

I really, really liked the ending. Fitting, fun and awe-inspiring.

Here's a lovely shot of Glacio, I took it while unlocking the gates.

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