E3 The story so far

So we've had a few of the pre conference presentations Microsoft on saturday Bethesda on sunday EA had a quick thing on saturday no presentation as such just a "we've got nothing much move along please" and Ubisoft's and Square Enix was today not seen that yet.

Microsoft teased Project Scarlet the next gen xbox out holiday 2020. They dated and priced the PC version of their popular XBox game pass 7.99 out now in beta with a fair few games. They showed a few games a lot of cinematics not much in the way of gameplay. The one I'd been looking forward to was CD Projekt red's cyberpunk 2077 they had a new cinematic which revealed Keanu Reeves is in the game and then he turned up on stage for the release date of april (16th?) 2020. They also stated no more public game play stuff till gamescom and pax west in august.

Few other things the new From software game Elden Ring written partly by GRR Martin (presumably like GOT they got someone else in to write the ending :D), Blair witch project the game (weird choice :S), and then Minecraft Dungeons a sort of diablo but with minecraft esthetic by the look of it. Also new flight sim.

Bethesda presentation was 90% cinematic trailers 5% puff pieces with actors saying how great bethesda is and then maybe 3% some guy in the audience shouting "WHHOOOOOOOOO!" at the top of his lungs every 5 seconds to the point that the presenters on stage were starting to look really annoyed at his constant interuption. The actual game stuff was thin on the ground a lot of cinematic trailers for upcoming games but there is no way to judge that sort of thing it's all rendered no ingame footage including DeathLoop, GhostWire Tokyo. They pushed their shitty mobile games hard even announce one based of the super old Commander Keen platform games which really seemed an odd choice. They pushed some streaming tech called orion which seemed like the wrong audience. They discussed a few games with actual footage like Wolfenstein Young Bloods that looked ok and is out fairly soon and the VR game cyberpilot, they showed off the new Doom Eternal which looked like just more Doom. They looked at their online stuff the new expansion for Elder Scrolls Online and they announced for Fallout 76 they are going to be putting NPC's into the game and also a Battle royal mode.

As I say there was very little actual game stuff there mostly filler and rendered trailers the audience bar that one guy looked totally bored out of their minds. No mention of their next big game Starfield which I know people were hoping would show up and nothing on the very far out Elder Scrolls 6.

EA's thing had very little to say mostly Anthem still exists and there will at some point be content. They showed the new starwars game from respawn entertainment (apex legend and titanfall guys) it looked like it would be fairly good although the game play they chose was a bit odd mostly slow platforming stuff. That's out in november I believe.


Looking forward to CD Projekt 2077 too.

You're breathtaking!

Not sure if there was extra announce at E3 but this turned up in my feed and made me very excited.

I hope it's not shit; most of all I love the story. It appears, even from this, that it's fully Star Wars and a neat, new take.

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The ubisoft presentation on Watchdogs Legion was pretty interesting the idea that you are building a resistance and can recruit basically anyone in the game world to your team by scanning them and then completing some sort of recruitment mission then each of these characters having a specialism and unique stats. With these individual characters all having unique appearance stats (which is easy) supposedly each is voiced (wonder how many different voice actors that needs and how often it would repeat) and supposedly randomly generated back story that generates the recruitment mission. With permadeath of these pawns and the overall story and such progressed with whoever of your stable of characters you are playing as at the time.

It's also maximum bloody fucking LAHHHNNNNDAN you muppet!

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They also have a Avengers game made by crystal dynamics who made the more recent Tomb raider games

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Oh that fallen order trailer did show up one EA's play thing they also had gameplay of it

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It's also maximum bloody fucking LAHHHNNNNDAN you muppet!

Nothing wrong with errr.... old...errr... London, you bloody Wurzel!

Gameplay of Fallen Order looks .... good! Trying not to get too excited.

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