Teaching myself Blender 2.8 progress report

Well, this is a lot easier than bloody Lightwave (LW), that's for sure. I want to open source Icar, so I've decided to start rebuilding my models in Blender. Most of the original LW are old, tired and have dodgy renders, so I am happy to redo. It's so much easier to learn 2.8; even given that most of the tutorials use the lightyears-different 2.7 UI rather than the sexy 2.8.

My first task is to create a weathered spacecrate (perhaps with some advertising slapped on it) and a hopper (the robot that moves them around). I want to keep much of the visual style of Icar, just improve the quality of the models, image maps and renders. I've been experimenting with modelling for the past couple of weeks, so found that I knew enough to get started on this:

It's a simple-ish box with some accurate measurements. I'm going to get parent/child relationships going with constraints next so that the sides can fold down easily. Then I'm going to dive into the material node editor (which is similar to LW and Unity but I never used it in LW). Good bit of lunchtime fun - I hope I get some evening time to work on it; although I want to do the website in that. Not enough time in the day!