Fallout 76: rather than fixing bugs lets unfix them

F76 has been a bit of a disaster a broken game that is buggy as hell and just not all that fun.

Then there was the canvas bag saga where the super special 200 dollar edition which should have shipped with a canvas bag shipped with a nylon trash bag

Then they offered a couple of dollars in store currency in exchange (not enough to buy a virtual bag)

Then they offered to fix that but leaked all the people personal data

Then there was the nuka dark rum cola thing that people paid 80 dollars for what looked like a unique bottle based on the game model. But it turned out to be a normal bottle in a crappy plastic shell (that they claimed took over a hundred hours to program the 3d printed code! Not sure how) and the rum was no good either.

Then they released a blue leather jacket that looked like it was made of a blue tarpaulin

So we are up to date and the new thing is the latest patch unfixed a bunch of things (the bobby pins weighing 0.1lbs again and wide screen support is broken again)

They also started banning and closing threads on their forums pointing out the issue.

So bad gone to worse gone back to even worse. Some people suggested they loaded an old version of the code by mistake but judging by their statement sounded like the issue was caused by a bad merge on their internal repo with the new fixed code.

Something that happens but only when people are not paying attention to exactly what is being merged. Merge tools are not magic I mean personally I make sure I go through every merge to ensure I'm not getting old or incorrect code merges when I'm doing this sort of thing it's just how a professional experienced dev does things.

So fallout 76 is circling the drain rather than improving it's getting worse.


Disappointing, I was hoping this would be worth getting but as I have yet to start Fallout 4 I can probably wait a bit.

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Yeah, there are another 73 editions to play until you get to this one...

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(Nice!) You make an excellent point

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