A thousand things to do and never enough time

This could be a mantra. I find myself progressively more interested in building stuff but I don't have time to do it. So, what I'm going to do is just list them here, to get them out of my head. I'll add more into the comments as I remember them.

  • Build my own keyboard. I want one with a turny-clicky knob buit in. And cherry MX switch. Prolly with a Teensy board. This sort of knob nonsense.
  • Write music using a home-made launchpad and my guitars.
  • Turn a cheapo off-road buggy into an FPV thing and go exploring in the nearby park with Felix.
  • Rewrite the Icar website using either Jekyll or Hexo to turn static md files into HTML.
  • Build a WebGL model viewer for Icar, like Pete did with Flash years ago.
  • Build a Unity 3D game (I might take a week off work this summer to do this in part). I have a design and a bunch of ideas based around Cloudships.
  • Get a VR setup. This is going to happen next year once the Lab is built.
  • Create a serverless version of Chom, with loads of disparate services and an event feed that runs off Twitter bots and sources.
  • Create an electric longboard mostly for commuting.