Postcards from the Lack Of Minecraft Server

There's a place I call Evil Gorge, sandwiched between The Evil Mansion and the Enchanter's Tower. To the South is Disco and to the north is the glass mountain. It's such a cool (natural) place but has been ruined by Endermen over the years. It's also ruined by lag thanks to the up-draft of the melon farm. I decided to take the plunge during my lighting mission to tidy it up.

You can see some grass still propagating. The glass mountain is rather sad with the farms pushing through it. I'm tempted to take it down and give the farms some medieval shells.

At the other end is the new glass elevator for the melon, the lag has reduced hugely. I used a simple observer clock design. Jeb has said that the "push into block floating up mechanic" is here to stay; its removal more of a mistake.

And now from the top, you can see the gentle massage I've done on the gorge.

I was rather taken with the top-down shots so I grabbed one of the sheep farm...

And looking down the side of the Vertislum, the Uberstore to the right:

And that's all for tonight, the baby is crying!