Lack-Of MC project update - lighting


To light everywhere inside the Ringwall.


Everything covered in a white glow has been lit.

Lighting an area follows this kind of process:

  • Grab a load of coal and wood from the Uberstore.
  • Pick an area.
  • Start putting down torches 1-in-every-5 in a grid, adding extra around hills.
  • Look at the mess Endermen and Creepers make.
  • Fix some of the mess
  • Hear a zombie.
  • Pillar up and see if you can see where the bastard spawned.
  • Kill zomb.
  • Keep putting down lights.
  • Be shot by skeleton from the dark bit you've not lit yet.

etc etc.

The aim as set down by Big R (and joined in by myself) was to have the inside of Ringwall lit and therefore safe. It's very hard to be completely safe but there is a sense that it can be mostly there. I've found it quite therapeutic to grab a couple of stacks of coal and just plop them all down while listening to the radio and there is a sense of completion. I'm currently lighting the hillside between the Pyramid and west of St. Spawncras.

You're more than welcome to help out! There's plenty of coal in the Uberstore, as always - help yourself. :)


Another quick update, I've now completed everything West of St. Spawncras! Next up is the area to the South East below Discovery and Caffeine. I also cleared a bunch of snow but that's not shown on the map below.

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This evening I went like the clappers, lit the hell out of the South East and also did some tidying (I'll post another). Only place left to light is the North East!

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