I missed GTA V

Got back late from visiting the rents last night and fired up GTA for some criminality with EMW. 50% doing stuff, 50% buggering about.

I particularly liked turning a bus into a battle bus and trying to outrun the rozzers. It all went well until EMW decided to offroad!

I missed the place. I missed the scenery and the car hand bike handling. I missed cruising along a road trying to stay with EMW. I missed "it's not a race, (IT'S A RACE)" when getting merchandise back to the we farm. Was mucho chuckles and will try and be on again next Sunday.

Also, 425k free for logging in. http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/60188/GTA-Online-Tiny-Race...

Helps save for that 1.6m car garage so we can boost cars.


It was good fun feels like a long time since we last played so I've forgotten most of the controls :S

Rushing about in the bus was classic GTA madness slamming through road blocks over police then getting the thing jammed upside down in a ditch

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