MC - I see you, EMW. I see you.

So I needed to pop back to Outcrop Cottage to pick up some decorative resources I needed for the Vertislum. When I was building the Outcrop Cottage, it was in the middle of the Lack-Of rail project and although I needed somewhere safe to sleep I felt like I couldn't mess too much with the surrounding landscape else I'd start smoothing off all the map error discontinuities and that's how time disappears.

The discontinuity around the back of the Creeper Hotel was massive but the one that runs East-West to the north of Big Rob's tower (in the forest) always struck me as a smaller project, especially in the dip right next to Big R's tower compound. Here's a picture of the Outcrop Cottage from June 2016, you can see the discontinuity cliff in the background.

It looks about 8 blocks high.

So I was back at outcrop and slept there through the night and as I stepped out onto the top of the stairs, I looked round to the left and saw this:


That's when I went looking back through my screenies for the picture of Outcrop Cottage from June. Not only is that devious bastard building in plain sight, he's only gone and increased the size of the discontinuity to hide it! Look at the sodding size of it!

Well done, EMW. That's well hidden. Very well done. I'm not going to spoil the surprise anymore but I bet I've bloody found your secret project. :)

I'm in the Vertislum for a good amount of time, so I'll avoid this bit.


Don't know what you mean probably just a map error or something :P

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Lol, I'm surprised that you didn't claim this post was FAKE NEWS!

Just so you know that I really appreciated the ingenuity of it.

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Well obviously I'm building a wall and going to make you pay for it :P

It's going to be HUGE

Yeah I was looking for a place to build the new thing and wanted it to be semi secret and found that area nicely empty and with a nice map error that I could extend to hide the construction. Then the thing needed more space so I had to extend things ... and then extend them further ... and then further.

it's not done yet either.

I had to keep redoing the trees so as not to make it obvious I was tearing down the "roof" of the cover and then rebuilding it higher up I can be less subtle now :D

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The trees are a nice touch. If you'd cleared those then I would have spotted it immediately. Perhaps before now too. This is not the first time I've slept at that cottage since you started. Christ, wasn't I working on the Tower station when you started? I was right around the corner!

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I probably could have hid that edge better and built up the area next to it then it would be less noticable :D

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