MC - The things you stumble upon in Lackofia

EMW likes building stuff in Creative while I'm not paying attention. Sometimes it's when I'm elsewhere in the world (the Steve Statue in the village), sometimes it appears over a weekend right on top of me (the evil sheep farm).

One of my delights is spying something from afar and thinking "WTF IS THAT?!" and then exploring it. I'm currently improving the decor inside the Vertislum, which puts me in South Central, an area that I've not visited for a while. I needed some more spruce wood and I had planted a forest of it under the Cloudship Atlantis that I thought I'd harvest for saplings to grow nearer the Verti.

Then I saw something between the trees. Green glass covering a hole.

Investigating closer, I look into the hole to see...

Now it's clear that there's something down there and I could dig straight in but where's the fun in that? If EMW wants me to find it, he'll have left a clue. Or a door. This forest is situated atop a bit of a hill, the base of which runs around by the lake under Cloudship Atlantis and the Evil Sheep Farm. By chance, I head over to the Evil Sheep Farm and find that he's erected pillars with sheep precariously on top!

It's a bit difficult to see in this snap but there's a white sheep on top of this pillar and around the other pillars, there are different coloured sheep. Nice.

I had a quick look to see if there was a secret door at the base of any of the pillars or sneaked under the stone altar before heading back toward the hill and saw this:

No, not the sheep, behind it. Now I'm rather obsessed with tidying up holes in walls, so the regularity of it drew me over and I spotted the button on the side. Well, it just HAD to be pushed.

This is what greeted me:

DEATH 2 SHEEP! What a bastard! I love sheep, they're useful AND cute. You can tell it's EMW because he has a torch fetish. Down the steps I find a bunch of pens where sheep are holed up. One of the pens has a river.

I can see that this might be a bit unfinished or on pause. I also think it might have been here a while but it did make me laugh in a sleep deprived sort of way!

Nice one, EMW. Look forward to seeing it finished. :)


Ah yes I was wondering when or if you would stumble on that I built it about the time I "improved" your sheep farm outside

I wanted to do some automated sheep slaughter but couldn't work out an easy replenishment mechanism. It's something I will probably come back to.
I wonder if you will find my current project :D

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I'm holed up in the Vertislum building interiors and adding detail. I might go for a wander but I'm so fatigued at the moment, I'll probably go right past it without noticing!

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