Very excited about GTA Import/Export

GTA is getting an Update called Import/Export which is all about stealing and selling expensive cars. Yay!

CEO missions and some extra space for cars. Apparently coming in Dec.

The car at the end of the post - it's worth it for that alone.


ramp car :D it's just the zentorno with less flash :D

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With a bit of teamwork, a ramp car and some bikes can you imagine how much fun we can have. You'll easily get onto a train...

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It's Here!

Some Fun looking toys there

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oh it's going to be expensive

several million before you even get any of the vehicles at least 1mil for the executive garage 1.5 mil for a vehicle warehouse

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and most of the new vehicles are in the 3 mil range with a slight reduction for doing the missions

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I'm a bit depressed by the cost of the new, cool cars. I think the many reddit threads have got it right - only suckers buy when new, normal people wait for the sales.

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So I've done some reading (this guide and this one) and it seems that there are two new garage types.

The SIXTY CAR garage is for your own personal vehicles, like you have with your apartment. You DON'T use these for the stolen ones. You buy that garage from Dynasty8 on your phone like an apartment or other garage.

The Vehicle Warehouse for doing steal missions you get from SecuroServ from your CEO Office. The cheapest is $1,500,000.

Stealing cars doesn't cost money (just time) but once you've nicked it, you can mod it at your vehicle warehouse and then chances are you can sell it for more.

When you've sold a bunch of cars you unlock the CEO Co op missions for the special vehicles. Completing those special missions will unlock a biggish discount, bringing down the price of the new specials a lot.

I am now waiting to see if there is a Shark Card sale or if I get to 1.5M by just buggering around and having a good time!

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squares with what I'd gathered on the new update

looks like a reason to get the cargobob tho :D

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Oh yes, a CargoBob would be great fun.

I'm not sure if I want to get a Shark Card. I kind of do because I think I'd like to give a little to the Devs however I rather like looking at my mini empire and know that I've worked for all that.

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From what I hear, today is a 1 day discount day on Amazon digital games, which includes the shark cards; but I have also heard the import\export DLC which includes some really coll vehicles, just isn't worth the price they have set them at.

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