MC - Join me in a quest to kill the Ender Dragon next Weekend

Now we have a portal on the Lack Of world, it's time to kill the Ender Dragon. I'd love to have some company on this huge task. This is the final boss (bar the Wither) and for it we need some preparation. It's not the end of the world as I see it - we'll still be building on the main world.

I've been using the official guide to create a list of things to take with me and am building up resources in the Uberstore to take with me. I'd like to do this in Survival Mode, with survival-created stuff. We already have a butt-load of Diamonds and Enchanted books you're welcome to make your suit/weapons with. Just check the Uberstore.

The only thing that's tricky to fix and that's the health portions because I've not really done much brewing and we need a Netherwart farm. I think there is some Netherwart in the Uberstore, we just need a farm. We can make Glistener Melon from gold nuggets and we have enough gold bars for that.

Are there any of the tasks below you fancy taking on or would you just like to join in with the BIG FIGHT?

Task list

  • Box in End Portal Tower with spare adventuring kit if anyone dies.
  • More beds in the End Portal Tower (so that if we die, we respawn nearby).
  • Boots with Feather Falling (although a bucket of water might be more useful).
  • Some more Ender Pearls. Done!
  • A Nether Wart farm. Done! Underneath the Uberstore
  • Some sort of cool brewing station in the Uberstore. Done!
  • Health Potions Done!


I spoke briefly with EMW on Sunday and he's up for it, so we're going to try a weekend evening. I'm happy to juggle around the weekend to fit others, when is best for you? 8pm GMT seems to be a good time.


Managed to collect 7 Ender Pearls in just a few MC nights tonight! At one point three of the Skinny Bastards were having a go.

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There might have been an incident where your chest exploded ... let's say I was looking at it to see what sorts of things you had collected to get an idea of what to gather and due to some lag there was a inadvertent click which destroyed the chest and it's contents

If that were to have occurred I would of course have replaced it but since in this scenario all the items were instantaneously vaporized and I had no idea what was in the chest since that was the original objective the contents may or may not be accurately replicated ... just a for instance if there are some discrepencies

Oh I also built an automatic potion brewing station round the back of the uberstore ... so that makes things square ... probably

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LOL! Twat.

I don't think there was anything in there that was difficult to replace.

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I assumed like most chests it was filled with cobble stone and mud with one single wooden spade that was nearly broken

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LOL! The only thing that was worth anything were the Ender Pearls. I'm getting those back now.

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Shame that we hit that bug embarking to the end but arriving in the nether sure we can get it fixed but it was somewhat anticlimactic :D

Still we had some fun playing vermintide instead and we can get it fixed then have another go at somepoint :)

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Oh yes, well up for another shot at the end. I've raised a ticket and given them a world backup. I think it's safe to go onto the realm, I'll just make sure whatever the change is they make they make it to the latest backup.

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