Rolling with Lack Of MC

A few shots I gathered last Sunday while rollin' with the chaps.

I stand behind President Evil Matt like a Nazi stormtrooper, waiting for my orders. I managed to find an angle that didn't include any of the NSFW pictures that the club house has splattered all over the walls.

President Evil Matt shows me "how to cruise" by riding the wrong way down the freeway and going under the wheels of a 4x4. As he gets up, the driver reverses over him! The bastard! I shot the driver in the face. He deserved it.

Oh, it's an ARM WRESTLING table! I wondered why this table was in the middle of the room, looking at the picture just now I saw the thing in the top left.

The first meeting of Lack Of MC, President and Vice President discuss the important matters of the day, such as...

Why do I sit like someone has snapped my back?

Fish, the third member of Lack Of MC (was it Sergeant at Arms) joins us for a seat at the bar. We both accidentally take a hit from the bong and the screen goes weird for longer than I'd like!

Lack Of like to take a break from their hard-earned robbing and cruising to share some personal time in the corner. It's boys only. Such a shame. For some reason the heist things I should be

Why do banks have so much security? We always seem to be able to break in no-problem.

Banks have beautiful ceilings and during a heist, there is more than enough time to enjoy them.


Now drive carefully down the mountain, Big Rob and we can finish the heist we've been desperately trying to finish. Oh shit.

Griefing your own Motorcycle Club President is in vogue. Here we see EMW being helped out with his bike by Fish, who parks on top. Obv.

Doing proper biker gang stuff: taking an innocent bistander, getting him so angry that he draws a gun, beating him down, riding his own bike over him and then...

... setting him on fire with a sticky bomb.

Hilarious bug where playing darts with others in the MC clubhouse makes everyone's character into EMW.

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Just a quick note to say that I had a great time last night. Pleased we got Pacific Standard out of the Way (LAZY BASTARD PLATINUM FTW). Looking forward to running some more Motorcycle Club jobs. I don't really want to set my own up but riding with you guys was lots of chuckles.

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It was good to finally get it done it's been sitting there for ages.

Yeah the gang missions seem a bit more varied than the vip missions not sure how many different types there are but it seems like more than the 3-4 you get with vip (headhunter, hostile take over, and sightseer maybe asset recovery depending on which one)

It seems to me that for most people the MC isn't worth having unlike the vip the motorcycle club doesn't offer much for the solo player most of the missions pay a lot less than vip for one player and the 'perks' are being able to summon your bike anywhere (which a call to the mechanic can accomplish just as easily). The public session missions are more time consuming than vip crates and I don't think they pay better. It's definately group focused. I wish it was more persistent tho something more like a guild in other games.

I can see if you wanted some additional bike only storage it could be useful but other than that

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After TinyWhooping a little last night, I ran a few CEO crates (one at a time) on quite a busy instance. Criss-crossing Los Santos in the V was huge fun. About half the players were in Blaine County (I'd imagine being motorcycle clubs), a couple were CEOs and the rest were just doing a mental: that chaos you can only expect from GTA.

It was great fun speeding past the still-burning wrecks of finished gun fights, seeing the police chasing someone that wasn't me and two guys were having a barely English chat-off while wasting each other.

When someone decided to chase me down in a Zentorno while I was on my way to a crate, he had to put up with following me weaving through the back alleys of South Los Santos. I could hear shots ring off the back of the Vigero. After about 3 minutes my lead was strong and I imagine his car in tatters, so he peeled off to find an easier quarry. My heart was pounding, I was exhausted, elated. His car was much quicker than the V but he didn't have the control, I could hear him smashing it to bits on every corner. I'm particularly proud of a 180 degree powerslide that went from the exit of one alley into the entrance of the next alley along. I wish I had the retrospective-recording running!

I could have taken the Buzzard and maximised my time-for-cash, or run VIP missions in a crew instance but for me the money is the side effect of having fun. I'm not saving for anything! Like EMW, I do wish that my ill-gotten gains could go toward something approaching a guild that benefited the majesty that is Lack Of.

All that chaos, all that carnage was not centred around me. I growled on, the tarmac screeching under the V8. The city felt alive. It felt like GTA 3. It felt like I was alone in a world of chaos. Just me, my V, funk on the radio and a complex, unpredictable world.

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