Lack Of Plc lives!

Last night I slammed down $1M for my office in the Maze Bank West on Red Desert Ave, parked up the V out front and settled into the office. I didn't have enough to buy a Warehouse, so I went out alone to Headhunt and Sightsee until I pipped over that 250k threshold.

Buzzing around in Headhunter is a lot of fun: zooming between skyscrapers, popping up over buildings, trying to shoot people inside car parks without getting out of the attack helicopter, lots of chuckles. I managed to plough into a building a couple of times but only when getting cocky. DON'T TRUST MY LANDING, LADS!

Sightseer is quite cool too, tucking the helicopter down onto the most precarious places to snatch the briefcase. I doubt it is any fun with friends.

Once I had collected just enough beans, I beamed back into the public session to buy the Convenience Store Lockup in Rancho. The cheapest, most shoddy warehouse with the worrying scent of ammonia and yesterday's MacDonalds. It left me with only $352 in my pocket, $2000 being the price for a single crate. #headdesk

Rather than bounce into a private session for more VIP work, I elected to try a Sightseer in the public session. Fortune does indeed favour the bold as the cases were all north of Blaine County and Mount Chilliad! With the player base all fighting it out with headshots in the city, I had discovered exceptional luck. Blasting back to the office, I bought my singular crate of illegal ivory, picked it up in an alleyway "IT'S A TRAP!", roared the truck across the city largely ignored and delivered it at some speed to the Convenience Store Lockup. My heart was pounding. No backup, I'd put down $2000 for it. I've not tried a sale yet but I imagine that will be more tense.

Can a single person collect multiple crates?
Would I need to do them one-by-one, back and forth? Am I stuck with just getting one crate while I don't have any associates?

I'm glad that I have found a pottering-around way of playing GTA V.


Red Desert Ave? More like Prosperity Street & Del Perro.

Sightseer with multiple associates is pretty rubbish as only the ceo can get the waypoint the others can't even see it so you can act as a taxi nothing more you can't divide and conquer like you can on head hunter.

As to can a single player collect multiple crates yes and no. It depends what mission you get to retrieve them if the crates are all in a single van then you can just drive them back if they spawn seperately like from an air drop or a boat drop or the plane crash you can only pick up one take that back and return for the second one and then repeat for the third if applicable. It's a risk since as when they are just out in the world people can destroy them easilly. But it's a risk vs reward scenario if they all spawn as a single van (maybe 50% of the time in my experience) you can run it yourself.

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Oh, my mistake, Prosperity Street & Del Perro, thank you.

Thanks also for the tips on running crates, I'll bear that in mind.

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you have the worst timing with your purchasing decisions first you buy the buzzard just before it goes half off now this:

New rockstar news wire offices and warehouses 50% off

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That had occurred to me. I'm bloody cursed!

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can you tell us what you plan to invest in next then we can avoid buying it as it will be on special next week?

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I'm really not sure right now, some more warehouses (won't have enough by the end of the weekend) and I think I'll need a motorbike once the update comes on Tuesday!

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