You have a single seat VTOL fighter, do you? That's nice

Last night we rolled with the Hydra, a staggeringly expensive piece of military hardware that flies over San Andreas like we're at war. I don't think it's a broken mechanic because it is non-trivial to fly; we've been "griefed" much more by a twat with a rocket launcher and ridiculously short spawn distances. I enjoyed batting around in EMW's new Hydra toy last night, I think we're going to see more of them during the half price sale. Here's a redditor on the subject of dealing with them.

I prefer not to "break immersion" by going into passive mode but I do like the tips on using rockets (must remember to buy some) and I think jumping session as we did last night is definitely the way to go.


The hydra is a lot of fun to fly speed of a jet maneuverability of a helicopter. Not quite mastered it yet but think it will be a good vehicle for blasting around doing vip missions for money in private instances.

We had a range of griefers yesterday, we were doing a vip mission storming a boat and getting killed a lot by the people on the boat we were trying to storm which is the way that mission works that's fair it's a very tough mission to do. Then this guy with a stupid name (something like eZ-dEaths_ I forget the last part) turns up who is not one of the boat people and starts killing us as soon as we spawn killing himself every time we got a bead on him so we wouldn't get credit for any kills. He then started hunting us round the map killing us over and over and generally ruining our good time. He seemed to be about 12 judging by the voice chat he spat at us until I worked out how to turn that off. It was annoying and frustrating we would just try and get away not even try and shoot back he would just repeatedly hunt us down.

We switched servers at that point and had a good time running crates and doing some money making. We managed to fill a small warehouse and then sell all the crates which was pretty fun.

Then another guy (nightpredator82_ or something) started chasing us with a tank we were in an insurgent trying to lose 5 stars of cops at this point hiding in a train tunnel when we noticed him coming our way. We'd had some run ins with this guy but he hadn't gone round the map hunting us before. He would engage if we came in range but didn't actively interfere. We spawned a couple of hydra's and a buzzard and went back at him. We had some fun bouncing round the map shooting him down getting shot down by him it was a more equitable fight. I get the feeling if we had peeled off and not engaged him he probably would have left it.

When Rob and rob logged off he chased me around a bit when I was on foot him in a savage I played that game for a bit till I managed to get a clean lock with a missile blew him up and logged off.

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I didn't mind nightpredator so much. I didn't see that as griefing, just PvP. When he blew the Big Fella and I up in the Buzzard, we were coming back from the sell-off, which was fair. He then tried to attack us in the insurgent and that ended badly for him. Big Chappie had some skills and took him out while being Hydra'd up and his tank didn't work out. For me, that was OK. It wasn't annoying like eZ, who was just farming in a grindy sort of way.

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yeah the second guy was obviously aiming to misbehave but he wasn't trying to just ruin everyone elses fun

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