A chat and an escape on Discord

Work has been particularly worky recently (not in a bad way) and with Kate being more preggy (in a good way), I've needed to pick up on a bunch of things that she would normally do. You know, the little things like getting Felix to school, cutting of his crusts, making breakfast, etc.

All that has made me more tired in the evenings. It doesn't take much (like the garage roof beams being rotten) to make me lose a mote of sleep and get more tired. Now, I could get a little more exercise and I will start cycling to work again - that definitely helps. I need to get the machine serviced and a rack with panniers put on so that I can carry the miniquads to fly at work.

All that means that I have to adjust my evenings a little. Kate and I have started Game of Thrones from season 1 again and as much as it's awesome to watch through, it doesn't fill the week. Kate likes to unwind with a combination of different programmes, some of which are great but I tend to get ants-in-my-pants and want to be doing something.


Discord is a free chat system that EMW, BigR, Byrn and I have used when playing games. There's no appreciable lag and although the interface is a bit odd and it takes a moment to load, it's nice to have our own little Lack-Of chat room. I can fire it up while I'm playing anything and have a chat about this, that and the other. It's rather nice.

Discord, Byrn and Minecraft

Minecraft is my go-to brain-off-but-doing-something game. I can create or grind and still feel like I have a sense of achievement. I've mentioned before that Lack-Of feels like a home from home. A home with an Evil God that occasionally delights/surprises/kills me.

Byrn has recently rediscovered some oomph for the old server and is building a God-knows-what EMW-knows-what mega project. With us both on Discord, we get the chance to chat about just about anything. There's some banter, moaning, laughing at each other falling from high places, random counting and life stuff. I love it.

We're nowhere near each other but the voice chat gives a great additional dimension to the game that I still enjoy building in. Its fun to visit each other's builds/digs and see progress.

Join us!

You don't have to be in Minecraft to join in on the channel, check us out on Discord for chats and banter. :)