MC - The evil multi-coloured sheep farm

South Castle is going to become a balloon dock and for that I want to make a few lovely balloons around the place. Rather than go all-white like Cloudship Atlantis, I wanted to use different colours. We have a reasonable sheep farm near Big Rob's Tower but it wasn't large enough to partition. I needed somewhere flat difficult to build on. The base of EMW's EVIL hand seemed ideal. Perhaps it was the evil that made the sheep multicoloured?

Here it is in all its untainted glory. I'd need to flatten it out first, light some of the surroundings and reduce the size of a little hill on the far side.

Flattened out and fences (mostly) in. There are gates on each end and you can see where I was sleeping while all this was going on!

The wall down the middle was to make breeding easier and made possible getting in and out of the pens without all the sheep escaping. I had to remove the lowest bit of each ladder because sheep can climb ladders... no really. The little house on the left seemed like a much needed staging area for the wool, dyes and a bed.

And it is complete! There needs to be a butt-load of breeding to happen and I would like to jazz-up the inside of the house too. I'm using wheat from the farm in the village, if anyone fancies feeding them up it would be greatly appreciated.


So I popped into MC to make a few more purple sheep (we're a bit low) and found that the Evil Sheep Farm had been properly Evil'd up!

It looks superb! I went merrily along sheering sheep until BOOOOM! The design let the mobs into the pens! I found this out by being greeted by a Creeper while sheering light blue sheep! I hurriedly put down some yellow wool to stop all the light blue sheep from running away. You can tell Mr Creative Mode has been around. :)

I've fixed the design. It's not quite as cool as before but will stop mobs killing me while I'm in there.

edit Thanks BigR ... think that's fixed
edit monday morning Tried again
edit monday pm thanks guys

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The images are just showing an access denied like icon.
Edit: No problem, yes it is.
Edit2: yet broken again now I am home.
Edit3: Working again.

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The letting the mobs in wasn't a bug it was a feature it is an evil sheep farm after all

Also I too get the "access denied" symbol

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Hopefully fixed now.

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That looks a lot more organised than mine...

Well, the first shots do, I can't see the newer ones (as discussed).
edit: working for me too now.

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This is the lava storage I mentioned Rob:

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