MC - South Castle update

Pottering along in our Minecraft Realm yesterday afternoon (amongst washing clothes and putting away camping crap), I managed to do quite a lot to South Castle.

I'm mostly sold with the idea of making it an airship/balloon dock/travel nexus. I'm going to make a new Airship over the top of it, with sheep-farmed wool. I'm going to create a new sheep farm with multi-coloured wool (you can dye sheep) for the purpose.

First, I cleared out the inside of South Castle, which was in a state. The upper levels of Ringwall are currently hanging but they will become part of a stair case that will lead down to the main floor. I'm not sure what I am going to do with the house, it'll probably go. On the right left-hand side are steps leading down and out.

Here is the bridge in its In Progress state. The cobble piles lead down to the floor of the sea. I'm using a precious enchanted helmet with Respiration III to get me there. I really want to make a bridge that's a bit "Ponte Vecchio" but this is not the time. I'll cover it over with some kind of wood contraption.

I'm not sure what to do on the other side of the bridge? Perhaps a tower? I don't want normal mobs to get across the bridge.

I was thinking of a double iron door with switches and perhaps a 2-high wall with a hole for horses to jump through. Spiders will get in through there but they are a pain no matter what I build! What do you think? Seen any good entrances?


Another lunch gone, another quick update. Here's the WIP from yesterday showing the foundations and me working out how big it should be.

And here it is now. Very simple but finished nonetheless. The big hole on the right is for horses to jump through. It stops most mobs (not spiders but then little does) and not arrows but it's for "getting back in fast". This isn't really a castle for hanging around in, it's more to move through. There's also a bed in a corner room and a little jetty with boats and everything.

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