Rolling with Lack Of Inc

Lack of Inc, controlled by criminal CEO EvilMattW is new in town and has mixed fortunes. Here's what it's like to roll with EMW for an evening.

The Boss (EMW) invites you, no matter where you are across town. Here I am in a stolen Vigaro. You become his associate. Associate is not an employee - there's no National Insurance, no medical insurance. You are his bitch. But you do get 6 grand every so often.

The Boss invites you into the plush offices of Lack Of Inc for a drink. Or if you're Big Rob, 6 drinks.

Big Rob (right) tries to impress The Boss with his tales of derring do. The Boss is displeased with Big Rob for wearing jeans to his first day. Everyone knows you wear a suit, no matter what your job is.

The Boss demands we go shopping to a posh outlet. I refresh my outfit and buy a beret. Big Rob gets smartened and The Boss decides that it's time to less his try eccentricity show. No one dares to comment.

Later on, the boss decides to choose some packages to pick up, which we'll do out damndest to do - although not always successfully. I stand watch, eager to learn his CEO ways. Big Rob is looking for the drinks cabinet, lost against the wall he doesn't realise that it's right next to The Boss.

Big Rob's parking leaves a lot to be desired. Here we see him in the office car park, having bumped MY BRAND NEW AND VERY PRECIOUS VIGARO. I decide that Big Rob's cock-extension needs a grenade based remodelling. Sadly, this ended with my Vigaro and I being destroyed.

It was, all in all, a bloody good laugh!


Yes some issues to bring up in Big rob's next performance review the drinking on the job the general slovenliness wearing a parachute at all times running me over at least twice.

I liked it that when you were my employees if I got killed the 6k you got periodically got cut (in half? I forget by how much) because you were not up to the task :D

I had another go soloing the deliveries a bit later in the day even on a quiet server it only took one guy with access to fighter jets and attack heli's and it's a very difficult task. The crates don't cost too much to buy so it's not a big problem a few robberies or a race or two.

It was a lot of fun to have some tasks to do even if we failed more often than we succeeded, boats ftw!

It looks like there are some small group missons a bit higher up the ladder where you can even solo them so I would think a small group of three would work. I was getting a fair amount of xp for the crates even collecting them which is usually pretty easy so maybe we just need to level up a bit to get some more varied content.

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I joined another couple of companies last night (ROB IN JOINING NEW COMPANY SHOCKER) to see how they did things. MosSxX's Corp was very well organised, they were using Teamspeak (I humorously called them out on a breathtaking level of silent co-operation). They had a little attack helicopter (Buzzard Attack Chopper), which if used properly, allowed them to get to packages quicker but didn't help too much otherwise.

Thing learnt: Don't rush up to a crate pick up point. Scope it from a distance to pick off enemies - even the boat ones.

We got into an impromptu "corporate war" where we fought another corp for no obvious reason. It was fun but the CEO quit soon after.

I then joined the dubiously balletic Bolshoi Inc who were essentially insane. The players had clearly spent a lot of in-game cash because they often had an Insurgent, which is a cracking vehicle. I soon realised that if anyone so much as farted at the CEO (who rode in an Insurgent) then all manner of hell would be fired at them. They then started using text chat to explain that their CEO was not to be touched and would hunt down anyone with extreme prejudice!

Thing learnt: Have a plan of getting back before you leave.

I failed to take a nice snap of my pride and joy Vigero. :(

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I went in last night and was on a server with two people so I flogged 4 crates for 52k virtually unopposed (by players at any rate) then I tried some of the missions a lot of them seem to involve repossessing a car surrounded by thugs but there were a couple that had more varied gameplay a couple of rescue missions or attack missions. Most were fairly quick affairs earning 10k or so for a run.

Then looked at adding accommodations to the corporate office but they wanted 700k which I didn't have.

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I was looking at heists earlier looks like some only need 2 people but to be able to do them you need to own a high end apartment

I might look into that some of the lower end high end apartments wouldn't take too long to save up for if I chained up some missions.

As an important and respected CEO owning a flash bachelor pad is clearly key.

Oh I found out last night I can set a dress code for the company that applies to me and then to my minions associates we'll have to play with that at some point :D

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hmmm seems only one of the missions is 2 people the intro one

suppose we could do some of the 4 player ones with a random person

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As an important and respected CEO owning a flash bachelor pad is clearly key.

Keep it quiet until you have one. More rowdy elements of Lack Of Inc are likely to boost their rank disrespect if they discover you have failed in that basic of tasks.

Love that you can set a dress code. You HAVE to do that.

10K for a run is very respectable indeed. Much more fun than grinding through the races.

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Purchased a very nice apartment right across the street from the corporate office played some missions then tried to get the heist thing setup.

Then some guy killed me as I was on my way to Lester's. Figure it was par for the course and continued on my way. Met with Lester didn't unlock heists but that might be because I hadn't seen him at all so far. Upon exiting his house that same guy was waiting with a machine gun death no 2.

I'm a little miffed but still I'm in ceo mode so being a target goes with the territory. I get a call from Lester to setup the heists and toddle of to the garment factory. As I'm checking the map that same guy shows up again and started shooting I run for a car but it's basically useless death no 3.

This time no hanging about I run for a car and put the peddle to the meerkat (thanks auto correct that's a much better word than metal) and head straight to my target. The bloke is still on me and my ride is soon down windows and tyres. I shoot back this time as I'm not caught unaware but driving and shooting is tough and The shooting attracts the law. This time they shoot me.

I respawn and already I see the guy coming for me I prep my guns but he's too close and he runs me down before I can take him out death no 4.

I'm getting quite annoyed by now this joker won't leave me to my business with Lester. I see him coming again so I go parkour on him going cross country over walls through railway yard over the motorway and over fences. This works for a bit and I elude him for quite a while and make it to Lester's just as he comes screaming down the alleyway.

I go through the cut scene and then head out, I was expecting him to be waiting but his actions have him some cop trouble so I make it almost to a car before he returns and runs me down. Death no 5

I spawn next to a vehicle this time and drive for home but it's slow so he spends the next few minutes ramming me from behind in his sports car. I've run out of SMG ammo by now so i can't even shoot back. I ride round in a circle hoping he will get bored and leave me alone. He shoots out the tyres tp and then the engine until the car explodes. Death no 6.

I respawn on a nearby bridge and have a bit of a sense of humor failure. I pull out the old homing rocket launcher and wait for the fucker to come at me again. I reduce his ride to a smouldering wreak with two shots. He doesn't chase me after that and I got a nice bounty for killing him.

Anyway I unlocked the tutorial heist but didn't do it it needs 2 people but the capability is there should we want it.

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Superb write-up! I did laugh and laugh and laugh. Worth it for the write-up. Pity you didn't get a screenie of the mofo.

Would like to try a heist as they look like instanced fun and pay out well if you complete.

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Yeah from what I've read even the intro one pays out reasonably well some 50k on easy but it is 2 player only. I guess if we can bang that one out then we can unlock the others and recruit a random to give us the required 4 people. The Heists also unlock a load of things most of the advanced hardware things like the insurgent are only available once you've completed one of the heists

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I saw some interesting guides on how to get a public lobby to yourself by mucking with bandwidth throttlers interesting if a bit beyond the point. And sort of cheaty ... not hacking as such as all you are doing is making it so slow the gta online things noone else can play with you.

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