MC - Survival help posts

So, I keep being stuck out in the wilderness and short of something or other. Sometimes armour. Sometimes I need a furnace and have no cobble. Or a bed. Christ, the number of times I've needed a bed. While playing MC with Felix, I started having a play with an idea for a Survival Help Post (needs a better name). It's a compact thing that I'm going to start sticking on hills. It's quite expensive in terms of iron but we have butt-tonnes of that (even taking rail into account).

It's got:

  • Bed
  • Full set of armour
  • Furnace (outputs automatically into chest)
  • Brewing stand
  • Workbench
  • Anvil
  • Chest
  • Cauldron (collects water when it rains)
  • Clock
  • Map on the wall
  • Fence post to attach your horse to

Such a simple little thing, really. I'm going to play with the design a bit.


I like the little red rug next to the bed, a very nice touch.

Is is high enough to protect from a creeper attack?

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Thanks mate! I liked that too. I'd choose colouring depending on the environment.

Re: Creepers. You'll live but the post will die if they go bang. If you're up there then they won't go bang, at 3 blocks you're too far. But you can't get off.

I tend to find that I'm stuck when the sun is going down - don't want to travel all the way to a proper base: I just need a bed and some support.

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