Minecraft 1.9 on Thursday

It's taken them two bloody years but there are some cool things coming. I'd rather they released less and more often. Here's a really good roundup:


The End has a Point

I want to go to the end now. I didn't really care before but now there is a reason to do it. I'm going to find me a portal, make a safe railway to it and then go kill me some dragon and do some exploring!

The future is C++

The Java version hasn't improved much. I've started using Optifine with shaders on occasion for beautification but the core Java engine is a dog. The PE/Console/Win10 version is written in C++ and as they're more people working on it, it's catching up with the Java version. They've said that they hope to get feature parity this year so that Windows users can move over. I'm looking forward to that big time. After all, the rendering distances and chunk update optimisations make an enormous difference.


Fuck me, it's dangerous out there now! The need to get the inside of the wall safe is much greater. AI is much better, skeletons aren't easily goaded and you have to time attacks more. Also, armour is much needed as all mobs do way more heart-damage.

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I'll have to check it out good to see them actually putting some work in rather than just letting it rot as they did initially

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Night time is dangerous again. Zombies don't make as much noise as they used to. Last night I was building my new water works and two of the fuckers crept up on me. I got down to 1 heart. I'd left the fucking trapdoor over stairs open. The new sounds are nice, too. Rain is much better than the old white noise. I'm going to finish the water works and then start a project to make an End Portal.

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