Hello old friend, Grand Theft Auto

Claude is my favourite GTA character. The mute protagonist in GTA 3 made some of the dialog difficult but made him somehow loveable. I got to decide Claude's thoughts, to me his quiet resignation was a deep distrust of the people around him. Tommy Vercetti (GTA 3 VC) and Niko Bellic (GTA 4) had some personality but got progressively less interesting to play because there was less choice. You character was, well, a bit of a dick. I quite liked the gangers in GTA 3: SA but only because - as gangsters - they were shit.Everything went wrong all the time and that was enderring.

I bought GTA V a few nights back, impatience won over waiting for a price drop and since then I've worn it like a comfy, familiar fun-jumper.

The driving model is fun. The flying model is fun. The motorbike riding model is fun. The mountain bike riding model is fun. Shooting stuff is fun. Blowing stuff up is fun.

The side missions are fun, the incidental stuff is fun, buying businesses is fun, exploring is fun. I'm not collecting or unlocking, I'm just doing.

It's good fun.

The three characters are well rounded but I don't like any of them. I have little or no attachment to them. I don't actually care, like I did with Claude. They're wankers. Often very funny wankers but wankers nonetheless. Utter, utter, wankers. I'm not going to warm to them, although I do enjoy some of their wankerishness.

Keen to try the multiplayer but only with chums.


I think of the characters in GTA5 not so much as personalities but as stereotypes so Micheal is Midlife Crisis Clinton is Gang Banger and Trevor is Crazy
I had the most fun with Trevor but there is a lot of fun to be had in this game. The crazy stalker english movie fan missions were one of my favorites.
I never finished GTA4 it tried to be too serious and it was a weird tonal shift when Niko is antagonizing about the people he killed in the war just after I've mowed down a whole streets worth of people.
They brought the fun back with GTA5 I've played it through multiple times and enjoyed it each time.

I've not tried the online mode I've heard you really need to play with people you know for the best parts to work since they require team work and planning. If we can find enough of us with the game maybe we should give it a go one sunday gaming session. Though I think you need to be a certain level before you unlock the interesting heist missions.

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Online, yes please!

GTA V is great fun, the world is huge and detailed to the point the amount of detail makes it feel too small. The only thing that didn't really work for me was the jumping between people. The effect outside of missions was very well done and funny at times, but generally it just wasted time as you tended to start no where near where you wanted to be and usually without a vehicle; but the switching in missions just felt awkward, I was usually too immersed in the action to notice the subtle pointers they would give for the suggested but often necessary switch ... good idea, just didn't quite work for me.

GTA 4 was a low point for me, it did take itself far too seriously; I only completed the story because I was sure the next mission would start unlocking empire building or generally fun things like in the previous games ... my disappointment at finishing and not finding what I had hoped for so much killed it for me.

San Andreas was the high point for me, not for the characters as such, but the freedom it gave was great, hijack a 747, fly it around for a bit, maybe get chased by some harriers before aiming it at the strip and jumping out at the last second to parachute down in front of a casino and just strolling in like nothing happened ... just awesome.

My favorite car in the whole series is still the NASCAR you could unlock in Vice City.

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I quite liked the multiple viewpoints in some of the missions the raid on the CIA equivelent building with Trevor in the helicopter Micheal rappelling down the side and into the building and clinton across the street with a sniper rifle. That was great.

Online woo let's go

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Let's do online, get it installed if you don't have it.

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Want to try it this weekend I ran it up just to see and found it was in some sort of extended tutorial mission set so not sure if we need to finish that first.

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Good shout, I'll get through the multiplayer tutorial bits first.

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I'm in.

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not sure if I got through the tutorial or not it seemed to just keep going abd going I stopped when I tried to get me to play with other people in some sort of gun fight

I also seemed to be on the mexican server

takes bloody ages to load too

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I think I am ready.

I don't know if anyone else saw anything like this, but some people seemed to be able to carpet bomb everyone else on the server ... which was interesting to watch; thankfully I survived since having already been killed in a drive by within 2 mins of starting while buying some clothes I was informed about passive mode which at least protects you while to on a jobs.

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It's been a long time since I've laughed that much in an evening. I do want to see if we can do some more missions and stuff together but the most fun was when we held up a liquor store and shit went south and got progressively worse. "I think I just shot someone in the head" Houghton and EMW The Fireman were high points. When I (stupidly) ran out of ammo, and just watched Big R evade the police was great fun.

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That was pretty fun the missions thing didn't really work but we managed to make our own entertainments running round the world

Some of the one on one battles were very chucklesome killing someone with the firehose from the fire engine was hilarious

and holding up the stores was a good laugh even if the store keepers started packing after a while and then I had one more go after you guys left and a customer in the store pulled a piece and shot me :D

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I'll be on for tonight and up for some more multiplay experimentation.

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I too can be around tonight.

I might not be around for a a few weeks afterwards as it is going to take a couple of weeks before the internet is connected to the new place.

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Last night was a WHOLE LOAD of fun! I'm trying to convince Ash Taylor to join us, he has the computing power but not the space.

We could really do with a fourth!

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gtav was on special offer on steam for the halloween sale which may be still on not sure

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It is understandable, there are still small countries which lack the combined hard disk space required to install GTAV

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I think Dwain is going to join us! He's got a new gfx and everything.

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Its true I did, ridiculous huge down load.

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I played with some randoms on Sunday night. One poor bastard was hosting at level 257 and I (level 13 at the time) were a bit too puny. I apologised a lot while the mission restarted over and over. He (a Dutch fellow) said that it was fun for him because he'd played the mission many times but now he had to try new tactics because not only did he have to stop the bad guys but also do it in such a way that meant I didn't die on a one-shot (which happened a few times before I caught on). At one point I used him as a human shield and we co-operated really closely. It was really fun!

GTA V match making might seem a bit rubbish but they leave it open to the players to police. The patient Dutch fellow knew that having a level 13 onboard would be a challenge, he could have restricted it. At the same time, I chose to be in his game, which would be harder.

In the next few missions, we played "get the briefcase back to your base", which is CTF and I wiped the floor with him twice before thanking him and quitting for the night. That felt quite good, I outwitted a level 257 player who said "gg" on both occasions. He wasn't expecting me to sticky-bomb his car, I hope it made him laugh.

I also played a little with 3 Frenchmen with verbal diarrhea, which was fun but not in GTA V.

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