[YT] Down Beggar's Canyon - my quad flying from Sunday

Yesterday was my best flying day so far. I managed to get through 4 batteries without running out of propellers (although I broke a load) and I managed more close proximity flying at speed than ever before. By the end of the session, I was getting pretty smooth!

Here's the video. Beggars Canyon is right at the start.

Next to do is better props (DAL 5" bullnose, pitch of 40) and then some tuning of the rates (how fast it turns) and expo (smoothing of the curves so that there is more fine grained control when the stick is in the middle). If that doesn't quite work, I'll start fiddling with the PID controller, which ended with me re-flashing the flight controller. I also want a new camera, mine is pants and thinking about on screen display.


I see you have a bright future in arboriculture.

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