I have 2 spare Defence Grid 2 Steam Keys

The Defence Grid 2 Kickstarter has just finished, and apparently I qualified for 3 Steam Keys! I quite clearly only need one.

DG2 is a classic tower defence game, though this one has a couple of muliplayer options. If you like tower defence, you'll like DG2. If you don't like tower defence, this probably won't change your mind.

So, speak up if you would like a key...


Not a fan of tower defence but am a fan of chums sharing stuff! Thanks for the offer, I'll pass. :)

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I also have 2 spare defense grid 2 steam keys ... we could start a club

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Alas I have been seriously hit with a bad case of more games than I can play, so given I still have not gotten around to playing the first Defense Grid (despite owning a copy), it wouldn't be right for me to claim a copy, but many thanks for the offer ... however in the spirit of giving I have a few old titles gathering dust in the Steam inventory, so if anyone wants something from the list below, just let me know:

Half Life 2
Portal (2 copies)
Frozen Synapse
Civ 5
Demigod (2 copies)
Contagion (2 copies)

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