It's a New Day, It's a New Dawn

And I'm feeling kinda tired.

I feel jet lagged. I think I should be somewhere in the middle of America. My body clock is seriously suffering after getting used to going to bed at 3-4 am everyday. It was a severe shock to the system when the alarm went off this morning!

Happy New Year...


Seconded in all respects.

Time for a vat of coffee... and later on, an early night.

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It hit me yesterday afternoon...I ended up going to bed at about 7pm, and crawled out again about half an hour ago, making it a comfortable 15 hours asleep.

On the plus side, I'm not in work :-D Very relieved now I decided to take this week off as well, the combination of con.lack-of.sleep and NYE drained me utterly.

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I did my day of pain yesterday, arrived back home at about 08:00 woke up at 17:00 managed all of 6 hours awake before deciding another 8 hours was in order.

Thankfully I feel pretty good now.

Happy new year to all! Especially Pete who should about now be arranging some sort of con shaped thing. :o)

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