Random Things and Ten Years Of Disorganisation

Last night Byrn and myself were off to a DVD night. As we were driving over, quite out of the blue we saw a naked man running along the side of the road.

Now this was at 7ish in the night and it's getting pretty chilly out so probably not the best time or season for a solo naked jog along the side of the road. I guess it's just a new student being crazy and wild and storing up stories about getting frostbite in inconvenient places to reminisce over in later life. In a vaguely related nature the purpose of our trip was to meet up with old uni course mates and Byrn pointed out later in the evening that it had been ten years since we first started at university.

We also discussed frostbite though of a more current nature due to one of our number driving a convertible in September with the roof off.

Anyway after that bit of randomness we watched Serenity on a very large screen run off a HD projector with booming audio. Which was nice. Much pizza and small amounts of beer was consumed.

It was also telling that there were five out of the eight survivors of our course and it was still the same person (Tiny) who took control and did the organisation thing. The rest of us were stumped by choice of pizza toppings and then DVD selection.


Did you get a good look at the man running along the side of the road? Could you describe him to police?

Now you mention who did the organisation, I am not surprised with the choice of DVD. Serenity is a very good film but it's the safe option. It's not far out there, it's not weird. It's not Studio Ghibli (spelling) and the joyous weirdness you get from that. It's safer. Safer than Star Wars. I'm surprised you didn't get to watch "F1s greatest moments", a 3 hour epic of people not quite managing to overtake each other.

I think it's great that you manage to get together with your old course. I see only 2 people from Uni these days: Gasson and Brown. Neither of them particularly regularly. What has happened to the other three and why didn't they go last night?

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Not really. He seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Given the temperature, it was understandable.

We wouldn't let him get away with F1. He may be the one that organises, but the rest of us shout our opinions out loudly enough. Best to think of his role as Chairman, or in his case, Chairchin.

The other three from the course? Well, big Nick (i.e. not Wennick) was working in China till recently, in theory he should be about. Shaun hasn't been sighted very many times since the course, not sure where he is. The eighth person got the nickname "No. 8" as he was very quiet and used to disappear immediately after lectures.

There's a group pic of us somewhere, must try and find it...

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At points it did seem like we were picking on Tiny a bit he would start in with what ever story he had and we would take the piss.

Even the one where he claimed to do work experience as an international spy jumping out of a helicopter into an inflatable boat on a motorbike. Or that might have been the inference we drew from his story ;)

Last I heard Shaun was working for his Dad in the quarry they own or run or some such driving diggers and such.

I suspect No. 8 might well have been a collective delusion and may not have existed at all. Think about it can you even remember his name?

I did have the usual suspects pic somewhere as well as the graduation pic that had all bar you in it with warwick and sharkey but not sure what I did with them

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I think his name is (was) Andrew...

All but me? whare was I?

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Getting your "smile while holding this bit of UPVC pipe with a ribbon round it" photos

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Aah, that makes sense.

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