The smart phone the screwdriver for the new century

So I spent the morning in IKEA and came away with parts of a bed and a sofa on order. I got back and began assembling the thing.

Damn that stuff is labour intensive! I got most of the base assembled and then found I needed a screwdriver.

I went to the nearest shopping area and rather than a screwdriver I came away with a driod incredible which is another HTC phone similar to the nexus one or desire.

So now I’m downloading apps and learning the way of android. They also have a WordPress app which I’m using to enter this.

These things are currently rare as rocking horse shit. The only reason I got one today is I was a new customer and the guy had one in stock that the people next in the queue (45 people long supposedly) failed to show. While I was waiting for the paperwork to go through six people all came in asking about the incredible so I must have just walked in just at the right time.

Tomorrow I’ll go find a screwdriver but for now I’m really enjoying this awesome new phone.


Jammy fucker. I think you should keep track of the number of times you put an American's nose out of joint.

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That comfortably tops me wandering into an army surplus in SF looking for combats and exiting with a rather fetching top hat.

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