Apartment Hunting

So I spent the day looking for an apartment, work paid for a guy to help me out show me the good neighbourhoods etc and he drove me round. Nice guy named Leo who was also a musician in a Santana tribute band. Anyway we drove round 10 properties in the immediate area and further afield.

It’s a bit different than any renting I’ve done in the UK. With those the most you get is the flat itself and maybe an area for the bins. Out here every single place we visited had an office that looked after the estate and facilities that were quite frankly a bit mind boggling. All of the places we saw had pools, hot tubs, BBQ areas, gym, business centre, and some of the more fancy had things like on site movie theatre.

It was all a bit bewildering and it didn’t help that the first couple were nigh on identical in structure only the estate round them differed.

In the end I was beginging to wonder how the hell I chose between the places all of them were nice and the small differences were not enough to make me decide eitherway. The last place was the behemoth of a place which they call an apartment village. It’s huge made up of several different discrete blocks each with it’s own styles and floor plans as well as facilities like pool, gym etc. They took me round the two beds in one of them and it was pretty nice. Then on the off chance we went round these one bed plus loft in one of the other blocks.

We saw two and the last one was just sensational a wonderful view of the mountains from the huge windows a lovely large bedroom, and a loft area where I can set up my computer etc. I knew when I went in that that was the one for me and so I signed on the dotted line and put down a holding deposit. It’s about a ten minute drive to the office and has plenty of amenities nearby.

So fingers crossed I’ll have a place to live in fairly soon they were talking about having it ready to move in this weekend assuming all the paperwork goes through. Then I just need to work out where to get  furniture to fill it with.


Thats fast work...good that you are getting out of hotel-ville so soon.

We expect photos ASAP. Also, we ned to start working out the logistics of remote Fish-conning...

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It sounds a bit like you're choosing a community to live in, rather than just a flat. Have you seen the film 'Singles' (a 90s one with loads of faces from grunge bands in it). In that, it depicts a Seattle block of 'flats' that were managed and had a community spirit around them.

What sort of furniture are you going to get? Standard IKEAesque or something more avant garde?

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furniture? I'm just getting the biggest tv money can buy then use the box as a bed :D

Probably ikea or the like something reasonable but not too expensive

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A small peice of advice on Ikea, remember to check the van your borrowing from a friend is empty before purchasing everything and hauling it out to the car park. Whilst it is ammusing its also annoying.

Glad to hear things are moving so quickly for you Matt.

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