Prototype...about a year late

Last night I finally finished Prototype on the xBox360, after having it sit around 80% complete for a week or so.

I got it via LoveFilm (you can pay about a quid a month extra, nad include games in your rental list), which is a great way of playing games. If you hate it, simply send it back, whereas if you really can't live without it you can either keep it to completion, or go out and buy your own copy.

Really enjoyed Prototype...the first single-player specific one I have since Fable 2 really. It does fantastically well at making you feel insanely powerful, and for the most part the controls are good, giving you the precision to do what you want, while being just the right side of forgiving for a console game. The concept of it reminded me a lot of WitchBlade (if anyone ever read the comics), which is no bad thing, and it was quite gratifying to have an anti-hero who accepted that killing lots of people was an acceptable solution (for the record, I didn't achieve the "kill less than 10 civilians" achievement, and more than once Gill had to ask why I was driving a tank along the pavement... "the people slow you down less than cars dear...")

Some bugbears;

  • The camera sometimes struggled to keep up with the action, leaving you blind
  • Jinking helicopters and swapping targets were the same control, meaning you couldn't jink in a dogfight
  • QTE SuperSoldiers (this may also be that I still can't remember which button is which colour)
  • Buildings with overhangs, meaning you end up running upside down

Really not a bad list, easily fixable for the almost certain sequel. The camera was the most frustrating issue, sometimes leaving you stuck in a corner, or accidentally killing the target you had to keep alive.

Best moments;

  • the first time I accidentally threw a soldier half a mile...after that it wasn't an accident
  • Patsy'ing a random solider on the street for no real reason, then consuming his friend while everyone was looking the other way
  • Gliding out of a helicopter, and watching Manhatten whip below you...
  • Skyjacking

8½ / 10