Crooked as a two bob note

So I was off to Sea World this weekend for something to do and when I got finished parking I noticed something odd about the change I'd gotten from the guy on the gate. In amongst the ones and a five I had received in exchange for my 20 was a 2 dollar note.

My first thought was "Cheeky bastard! I've been swizzed!" not to cast any aspersions on the guy manning the parking booths character but it seemed an easy way to get shot of some crooked currency palming it off on some tourist intermixed with real bills knowing the guy is unlikely to check till they get to the car park by which time it would be too late.

Anyway when I got back to the hotel I did some checking and as it happens it turns out the bill is genuine and the US does indeed have a 2 dollar note. It's almost never seen in circulation so much so that a lot of Americans when confronted with it don't think it's legal tender leading to all manner of urban legends about people being refused various services due to them having this rare bill. Anecdotally they are supposed to be popular in strip clubs, given as change there by increasing the amount of money passed on to dancers.

As it is I may well hang on to this oddity though it's rare it holds no extra value beyond it's monetary one and it sounds like I might have issues shifting it anyway ... unless I were to visit a certain type of establishment which might be hard to write off on expenses.

Well I better be going the picture of an arse has shown up on my dashboard warning light which from experience I know may mean I have a flat tyre. Bet it was that crooked parking attendant again ...