Sailing to the New (Blogging) World

Although done by many different people, for many different reasons and has been done for a while now, I am still of the opinion that blogging something unknown to be treated with caution.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not scared of them. They're not some sort of boogie monster hiding under my bed. I enjoy reading multiple blogs on different subjects everyday. It's more the concept that I might find myself sat in front of a computer writing one that I find a little unsettling. Me being the blogger is something altogether new.

Well here I am sailing into uncharted territory a Christopher Columbus confidently telling himself that he’ll see land at some point. Will I navigate my way round the fancy new software successfully, will I work out just how much to tell the world. Only time will tell I suppose. So here I am casting my blogging ship off from the dock wondering if I packed enough oranges to stave off the scurvy. Bon Voyage and all that.



Arg! Captain, that it be!

The important thing to know is that you're not alone. Not now, not ever. If you need some help or share an opinion both publically and privately, you're now part of a bigger world. A world where helpful types offer a hand even in the darkest hours.

Now you can start setting up your Homepage (you've got a blog to put on it now) and then we'll get that domain pointed at it.

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