Blimey That's hot

I'm in America on business and given we were spending the weekend and had no work to do we decided a jaunt to Las Vegas was in order. It's a mere 290 mile trip through scorching desert heat and since I'm not driving it's not too arduous beyond 4hrs of sitting.

California/Nevada are currently having a bit of a heat wave so when we got to Vegas it was approaching 115 deg F which in real money is about 46 deg C with a hot desert wind that just blasts you like a hair dryer, pretty toasty. It was an exercise in moving as quickly as possible from air-conditioned casino to air-conditioned casino with a cold beer between each trip, purely to ensure proper hydration you understand ;)

I'm not much for gambling it seems a bit of a waste of money so finding other things to occupy our time is the key. Drinking, a nice meal, and watching the sights takes you most of the way there and we filled the rest of the time out by taking in a show.

We went to see Penn and Teller who I've wanted to see live for a while their more jovial take on magic with their libertarian slant to things has always appealed to me but I've not had the time to make it out to vegas to see them before. They were very good and it was definitely the highlight of the trip some great tricks and good fun gags. Some showing you how it was all done some seeming to show you how it was done only to show it was something else entirely.

Afterward I got a picture taken with Teller and his autograph which was cool. Then as we went back to the hotel it rained in Vegas.

Come morning we needed to get back to LA and I decided to try doing a timelapse of the drive back from vegas to LA though the camera ran out of juice about an hour from LA so I only got most of it.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I'll be glad to get home as the long hours and no time to myself in the week are draining but the side trips when there is a free weekend are always a nice compensation.