Sunburn and blisters

Well, I've had my "best part of" a week off, and for once the weather decided to work with what did I achieve?

Tuesday - Replaced the flat roof at the front of the house. This was hard work, far more so than I initially realised. As always it was the prep work that killed me...ripping off the old one by hand took all morning in the boiling sun. The new stuff, by comparison, went on fairly easily. Now I'm just waiting for a bit of rain to see how it holds up!

Wednesday - Built my newly arrived garden chest up and placed it in my garden, and then took delivery of 25 square metres of turf. This was put down on the back garden, and cut/stamped into place. It changed the look of the garden immediately from a mud-pit to something quasi-respectable!

Thursday - Cleaning and staining the decking. This took longer than expected, mainly as I had to wait around for stuff to dry a lot. Also, the stain I was using came with a pad-type thingy, which should have made doing everything really fast, however in reality it was no good on the grooves of the decking, and I ended up using a brush. End result was fantastic however, and really cleaned the garden up loads. On the downside I was doing all the work barefoot, and I ended up getting sunburn on my toes!

Friday - Painting the wall. I was running out of steam by now, and some extra work I had planned (putting up some arches, a bit of weeding etc etc) fell by the wayside. I think I fell asleep in the afternoon.

So in the last 3 weeks the garden has changed out of can either check out the Picasa gallery, or there is a funky slide show below to track the transformation. There is still more to go, however its less industrial, and smaller work packages...