Obscure Sports Quarterly...

I love the Olympics. You'll never see archery televised anywhere else, outside of films about men in green tights. I also love the BBC, who'se iPlayer allows me to watch it live on a laptop right now, at work. As I type this, serious men in big sunglasses are showing that target who's boss (It's Korea vs China).

I can't wait for London 2012... realistically I'll never get another chance to see the olympics, and to have it on my doorstep, and give me the chance to pick and choose what I want to go and see is amazing. I'll get to wave a union jack and cheer like a loon for a few weeks!

Ooh...its getting tense, China are coming back on Korea! There's also some (rather mainstream) rowing on, however I think that the UK teams are already through on that one, so may have to hold with the Team Archery!