Religious fundamentalist mad about Golden Compass film

I saw this on skepchick A video of Fox news bashing on about the new golden compass film and how the catholics and christians in general are mad (again they never stop being mad they really should just chill out or something it can't be good for their blood pressure) about this athesist film. I've not read the book or seen the film but I hear it accurately portrays some of the catholic churches strong arm techniques. Like say oh I don't know censoring free speech ;)

I feel a bit sorry for the poor atheist representative not only did the guy have no clue who she was and kept attributing Christopher Hitchins quotes to her, she is obviously going up against a the home team for fox news since the anchor couldn't seem to get enough of that rabid Vatican priest. It was a very one sided fight with the priest getting to ramble incoherently about how religion was good and pull in a load of irrelevant stuff making no valid points, she would get cut off and shouted at when she brought up anything relevant.

It is quite funny when the "religion is the only way to peace and serenity" catholic starts complaining about Phillip Pullman distributing a video to school kids (as young as 11 shock horror) to tell them about atheism. No the Catholics would never try that not once never happened like all those priests and alter boys never happened it's all an atheist plot.

Not to mention the whole Religion is the way to peace and serenity as we can see from history thing is a load of crap, it also quite often leads to things like the crusades, the inquisition, the northern Ireland conflict. Not to mention all the issues in the middle east.

Fox is not exactly the most balanced of networks to have a talk like this on, I remember a previous thing with an atheist radio station "Pah who'd need that, atheist are a tiny minority and it's a stupid idea and nobody likes them! I'm not an atheist I'd never listen to this rubbish, and you would be stupid too!" I may be paraphrasing, although not by much.

I think we need more pro atheist stuff. And to genuine religious people they need to get rid of idiots like that it's hardly helping their case.

I get my peace and serenity the old fashioned way Heavy metal, violent video games, and booze.