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Crafting a Makerbot, Some Crafting of Stars, Some Metal Working, and Transatlantic Fishcon

Picked up a copy of Starcraft 2 at the weekend played some of the missions and so far it’s been pretty good some light rpg elements to the campaign ala Dawn of War 2 and a good solid RTS game. They may have taken their sweet time making the thing but it seems to have paid off.

I was dreaming that I was dreaming about dreaming about watching Inception but it turned out that was a dream

Went to the cinema decided I wanted something upbeat and humorous so asked for a ticket for “despicable me” but found when I got to the screen I’d actually got a ticket for Inception … it was like this dream I had once where I was a anthropomorphic pig flying biplanes … or was that Porco Roso.

Back to the DMV

I spent another morning waiting in line. When going over my temporary license I noticed it had a restriction on it for corrective lenses, since I don’t wear glasses I suspected this would cause me grief since legally I the couldn’t drive on it without my non existent glasses.

Just a little bit further

Went for another bike ride yesterday got just slightly past the place I stopped last time and discovered the way ahead blocked by flooding. Probably shallow enough I could have rode through but could feel my legs running out of juice and the sun was setting so I called it a day.