The Eee PC: decisions, decisions

I'm in a bit of a purchasing dilemma.

I want to get an Asus Eee PC for the world trip, as a media box, web access, that sort of thing. I have the money budgeted, but I have a problem. Well, more than one.

There are three four models of EeePC (more details):

2G Surf - 571Mhz, 512Mb RAM (soldered), No webcam, 4400mAh battery, 2Gb solid state drive (SSD), about £190-200

4G Surf - 571Mhz, 512Mb RAM (soldered?), No webcam, 4400mAh battery, 4Gb SSD, haven't seen a price

4G Standard - 630Mhz, 512Mb RAM (socketed), crap webcam, 5200mAh battery, 4Gb SSD, about £220

8G Standard - 630Mhz, 1Gb RAM (socketed), crap webcam, 5200mAh battery, 8Gb SSD, about £320

I was going to buy the 4G standard. However, no-one has stock. No-one is expecting stock until probably the end of Feb, which is cutting it a bit fine given the trip is mid March.

I'm now wondering about getting the 2G Surf. Several places have stock, and its a bit cheaper. However, it is a bit more limited. The RAM isn't upgradable from 512Mb, although for a machine of this spec 512 is a pretty good memory size. It doesn't have a webcam, which is actually a good point, as it means I can take it to work without hassle. The webcam in them is a crappy 0.3Mp job anyway.

The battery is smaller, but I'm probably going to pick up an extended runtime one if they come out in time. The 2Gb SSD is big enough for the bundled distro or a carefully built other distro, and 8Gb SD cards aren't much these days.

Or, I could wait and hope the 4 comes back in stock.

The other question is simpler. Should I get the white one or the black one? I'm leaning slightly away from the white as its a bit Mac, but then again people have said that the black looks cheap. Of course, it is cheap, so I don't know how much I care about that.



Wont look so grubby so quickly either.

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I am indeed leaning towards the black. The white is nice, but I'm not usre about the black screen surround...

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4G standard is the way to go mate. I'd wait.

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You're probably right mate. Having something now is very tempting, but its a fair bit of extra functionality for £20...

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Black definitely. Its going to get scuffed and dirty.

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I'd go for the 4g standard in fact I nearly did, only the fact that at that point you couldn't get them for love nor money meant I ended up with the easynotexs.

I'm not so sure on the black it is that shiny black plastic that looks awfully cheap and nasty.

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Sanity check please:

These are in very short supply. There's a stock tracker website which basically just lets me know I can't buy them.

However, someone has them in stock. For £250+delivery. A £40 markup all told.

Is it worth it?

I need fast answers as its not going to be there long and I don't trust my own judgement*

(* this in no way implies I trust yours either :P)

(edit: changed from $ to £ as I'm a muppet)

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Can you not import one from Europe? or the US? Seems like your in no rush to have one so far, whats the hurry?

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I'd say that £20 probably isn't alot to pay extra to get it now rather than at some upspecified time in the future when you may save the £20 or have to pay more to get it in time.

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Unfortunately Europle has very short supply too. I am in a bit of a hurry, overall, as I want to have it set up in time for the trip.... and supply is very intermittant. I just didn't have the money till this last payday ;)

Indeed Mr. Fish, that's my thinking. I just want to check I'm not just rabidly in need of buying frivilous gadgetry, given I've been cold turkey for a long time now...

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Sod it. Purchase made.

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In the long run, I think you made the best decision, mate.

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Cheers. I'll just have to wait a bit before I can get a nice big SD card to go in it....

Looking forward to it arriving on my doorstep, not getting delivered because I'm not in and my billing address is home, taken back to the depot and finally collected on a friday afternoon.

Surely there's an easier way for deliveries than this? ;)

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Yes, don't work somewhere that doesn't accept private parcels :-D

Correct decision re: purchase. Bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush and all that jazz...

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Send it to my work. I'll drop it in en route home?

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Ah, but my work does accept private parcels. Unfortunately, the company won't ship the first order to a customer anywhere but the billing address.

I can live with it. I already know where all the depots are ;)

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Ahh...Ebuyer do the same thing...even though I have bought from them before, because my card address has now change they will only ship there.

Very stupid policy, given the volume of people who buy online. I can't risk it now, as I can't be sure the depot I get will be in Reading. My main Royal Mail centre, for example, is now Newbury!

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Indeed. All it does is force people using fraudulent details to buy from other sites... still, once its done its done. Maybe I should have ordered something for two quid first, making it my second order? ;)

Yes, that is a bit of a risk.... if you do ever end up with something stuck in Newbury I'm sure we can sort out some sort of road trip :D

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It would seem that I'm in good company going with the 4 gig model... Stephen Fry has one. Though there's no mention of what colour it is ;)

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"Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a stock issue with the following item(s) you have ordered:

NOT7584 Asus Eee PC 701-B No Due Date

Until we are able to resolve the above issue(s) your order may not meet its scheduled despatch date"

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Bugger... Stock level falsehood spouting shits. Is this a good time to cancel?

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I'm going to leave the order running until I find another source.

I might have to go with the white model. Its stocked by more vendors. Most places have no lead time, 8th Mar or 12 weeks (!!) lead time for the black.

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White it is. Misleading bastards.

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Indeed. Have cancelled that order, found another supplier with stock (rang to check) and ordered a white one.

They didn't screw me for more than the RRP either....

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All turned out ok-ish in the wash then. Willl be avoiding cconline like the plague.

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Yep, well worth steering clear.

I'm just hoping nothing goes wrong with this one...

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That's a bit more fucking like it.

Order recieved, paid for, picked, packed and dispatched. Should be with me in 1-3 days + picking up from the depot.

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Sweet! Job done right there.

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Yep :D Just hassling them for a tracking number.

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Nice. Sorted. Glad you got a solution. Blogging while travelling = important.

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OK, I am now officially unhappy with CCL Computers.

Not only did they claim stock then retract, they charged me before stock was allocated.

That is fucking out of order. On hold with them now.

(edit) order cancelled, earbashing applied. He asked if I knew of anywhere where they were in stock and I took great pleasure in telling him that someone had already dispatched one. Gave him the link to the website too ;)

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Wankers! Seems like it was relatively simple to sort. Hope this is the end of your hassles.

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I bet they now attempt to go and buy stock from them in order to meet their own "orders"...

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They could do it too and keep a markup... they're charging £30 more than where I ordered from.

Once the refund hits my account I'll be able to forget about it. Luckily I have enough cash in there to cover both until they give me my money back...

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That is well out of order charging you when they didn't even have any stock. Sounds like a place to avoid

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That's damn terrible, mate. Just a hint, add a post after mine on here with somthing like "CCL Computers are rubbish: avoid avoid avoid!" and the link to CCL Computer and Google will pick it up as a trackback. If anyone Googles for CCL Computers, they might just find your comment.

A small thing but worth doing.

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CCL Computers are rubbish: avoid avoid avoid!

CCL Computers, unlike other retailers I've delat with, have the dubious policy of charging you for your order as soon as its been assigned an expected delivery date. If the item's stock level changes, as in my order, to "No Due Date" then you will have paid for the item and have no idea when you will receive it.

Most retailers take payment either when stock is assigned or when the order is dispatched. Why CCL have decided not to do this is beyond me. They also have no online order management. All you can do is view the order, not cancel.

I've cancelled my order and let them know I'm not impressed with their service. I ordered my item (An Asus EEEPC) from another retailer, MicroAnvika, who had it dispatched same day, for £30 less.

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News about a desktop version, the Asus Eee Box

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