I Love the BBC

This year I have enacted my plan to go to a developing country, I have been plotting a trip to Uganda for some time but since the bit I want to go to is close to the Kenyan border it seems like a crappy plan.

After a couple of days of internet research I found a 2 week trip that suits me in Madagascar. "Hurah!" I think and duely book said trip. Now I need to learn some French though as there English is hardly spoken there and French whilst far from prevelent will help you get by, this is where the BBC come in.

A quick googling later I discovered that the BBC do online language courses for free! How awesome is that?! I know a couple of French people and my aunt lives there so should be able to get plenty of practice in and get some of the basics of the vocab etc... From the online course.

So thanks BBC! Before I thought you were awesomeness incarnate, now you you are A+ Awesomeness Incarnate that I love very much.