Thought I’d join in on the resolving:

1.       Lose that last bit of weight.  Not far off where I want to be now, but took a break for the holidays and slipped back a little.  I’m back on it now, I’m hoping this should be sorted well before year end ;)

2.       Buy the other half of my flat.  Its a good time to buy, and it would give me a lot more financial options.  The biggest push for this is that the lease term is getting a little short, and thanks to a thorough lack of forward planning on the people coming up with shared ownership in the eighties, there is no established way to extend the lease.  If I buy the lot, it should reset, or at least allow me to do so...

3.       Finish proofreading Icar.  This has been on my to-do list forever.  I just need to make some time.  Once I sit down to do it, it’ll fly by, I just need to do that.  The plan is to turn in something each month, which should give me the push I need

4.       A bit more focus on Maths.  I’m in the middle of my penultimate course, which is going OK, but these last two will be the deciding factor for the degree classification.  I’m not going to be unhappy either way, and in fact I could claim the degree now, but I’d like to give it a bit more of a go than I usually manage

5.       Get back to working at Reading.  Being at Basinggrad isn’t bad, and the work is interesting, but the extra hour a day commuting is making a difference.  Getting back to Reading should give me that extra bit of time (and energy) to get back to the gym and do a few more things.

Happy New Year all.



6. Have at least one beer with Simpson. Preferably in Edinburgh.

Good list. Especially 5, which I imagine will facilitate 1-4 nicely. May your achievement of all be swift and painless!

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Good addition mate :) sounds like a plan

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So, um. How did this go?

1. Nope, have held pretty much steady overall, but need to lose a bit yet. Being back in Reading most of the time should help

2. Um. Well, nope, not done that. Stamp duty changes will help, and I'm going to be setting this in motion this month

3. Er. Nope, good intentions but not enough (any) focus.

4. Yes! Despite my coursework last year being borderline too low, was moderated up to a first on my previous course. Current one is going well too.

5. Mostly. Am now back all but 1 day a week, which has really helped the commute

6. Um, I guess a picnic counts? Think we met for a beer other than that? Not made the Edinburgh goal though...

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I'm currently compiling mine for this year, I hope you'll be doing the same?

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I shall. Maybe not right now, but most likely tonight. So:

0. Write new year resolutions list


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That's why I'm getting married. That way folk have to come for pints. :)

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