Sudden board games

Our regular roleplay sesh on Tuesdays is taking a break this week - so its possible there will be a board games session of some sort tonight.

But we need a decent number to make it worthwhile - anyone interested?

Virtually zero notice, but Fish needs to know relatively soon if he's heading over from Nodnol...

Replies needed by 5pm.

Venue variable. Mine is the backstop.


I can probably be up for this.

I'm doing a 50-mile cycle (kicking off in about 20 mins), but should be done 6.30-7pm

Hosting available at mine, or give me another 20-30 minutes and I can be elsewhere...

as I'm on the bike text/twitter probably best to give me updates on.

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Sadly the OU is gonna take up some time tonight so best pass.

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Texted Iain and he is up for boardgames, which makes it feasible.

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Cool. What venue do you reckon? Iain's prob. has less transport issues...

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I think Iain's, have texted Pete the address

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I have my Baycon bag in the car, any other requests?

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I think the Baycon bag should cover it ;)

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